Texting the Elf...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hi guys ~ so here's a new twist on the Elf on the Shelf...I moved from first to third grade this year and I'm sure most of you know I'm absolutely LOVIN' it!!!  So....I  have changed a few things but knew I HAD to still do the Elf.  I looped some of my kiddos from when I had them in first and they were asking if Snowflake was coming back.  So I did this to get the momentum going...
I showed the kids my contact info on my phone with Snowflake the Elf's picture and contact info.  I told them we've been texting back and forth for weeks.  I even told them she got a bit sassy with me and I didn't want her to come right away.

So as you can see I was kind of their 'hero' today...I mean you should've heard the ohhs and ahhs and shocked responses after I showed them my phone.  My phone ding dongs like a doorbell when I get a text and I got a couple texts today...the kids would whisper - "the elf, the elf!"  This has been a fun way to get the excitement rolling.  
I didn't want to do the elf as long this year.   We have a lot of district assessments this time of year and I didn't want to take the focus off of learning...look at me I sound like admin - LOL.  But seriously we have been working so hard I didn't want the daily distraction.  So I thought the last week and a 1/2 would be perfect!  If you want to still do the elf thing but don't want the stress of having something everyday of December start it later and use this idea.  It's been fun to see their excitement...the momentum before the elf actually comes has been really fun and different!  More elf fun to come soon...swing back by friends!

If you need an elf supplemental pack to go with your elf on the shelf you can pick one up {here}


  1. What a cute idea! I bet our upper grade students would've that!

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  2. Vicky, what a great idea! I love that the cool 3rd graders still love the magic of the elf. Merry Christmas!