Making Cursive Fun with a Cursive License

Sunday, January 18, 2015
To be honest...I don't think you have to work too hard to make cursive 'fun' for your students.  This is my first year back in third after about a 10 year span of being in first and second.  I forgot how excited they get to learn cursive!  I spent the first semester carefully teaching them the proper strokes for each letter and learning we are a full fledged cursive class!  Part of that involves having my students receive a CURSIVE LICENSE.  They ate this right up and were thrilled to earn it.  I decided to make 2 ~ a large one for the wall to hang up like this:

Then I like to also make them smaller ones that I shrink down and laminate for them just like an I.D. ( on both they are required to sign and date too )

Now I also tell them that their licenses can be 'revoked' if they don't take care in writing neatly.  I have a license little pack if you are interested - it's already done for you:

I hope you are able to use a cursive license in your classroom...your kids will love it!


The greatest pencil sharpener...EVER!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm so excited to share with you something that has been working out beautifully in my classroom this year.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on the ever amazing World's Quietest Pencil    Sharpener!  { click the picture below or here to visit the website }

First off I got to choose a color ~ seriously it comes in hot pink!  Hello - that was easy.  Yes please!  When I first found out that this sharpener was invented by a teacher I knew it was going to be amazing...and I was NOT disappointed one bit!  This sharpener is revolutionary!  I truly mean this.  I have used the wall mounted one...NOT a good idea!  The mount starts to fall off and it only lasts about a year or so.  I have used the LOUD mechanical ones that vary in how long they last.  Annoying!  
But this sharpener is all that it says it is!  It is QUIET!!!  It is EASY to use!  It sharpens QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY!  I mean sometimes I stand in front of my mechanical one and pull it out several times only to find the pencil either a stub or not fully sharpened.  THIS one works so fast and when I pull it out I still find myself shocked at how sharp the pencils are so quickly.  Not only that you can easily sharpen them one handed.  Let's be honest...teachers multi task ALL the time!  So being able to be one handed is actually a nice option sometimes.  
You need to RACE on over to their website and get your hands on this asap.  You will NOT be disappointed at all.  There are so many colors to choose from ~ 5 in all.  Red, Black, Pink, Green and Blue.   Not only is this the best sharpener I have ever used ( in 21 years of teaching ) are supporting a fellow teacher.  This is a win- win.  Be sure to check them out today!


Currently ~ January 2015!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Hi my friends ~ ~ welcome to 2015!!!!  I can't believe how fast this school year is going and it's already January!  I have linked up with Farley for her Currently.  Swing on by her blog and link up - I'd love to hear all about your life.

So: I love Forensic File type shows if you don't already know that about me.  I still am in awe that it snowed in Temecula ( north of San Diego ) on New Year's Eve.  It was amazing!!!  

I really need to get my rear in gear and head over to my school to be sure everything on line is ready for report cards and that I'm prepared completely for the first week back.

I really WANT a pair of TIEKS but don't NEED them...someday!

I need to clean out my car and get ready for going back to school and carpools, etc.

I love to exercise but need to eat better (bye, bye chocolate pretzels).  I really want to do a real PD not just one for my school.  It would really stretch me.  I wish I could get my books published that I have had written since I was like 12.  
Hope you are healthy and happy in 2015.  I appreciate you all!! xoxox