Making Cursive Fun with a Cursive License

Sunday, January 18, 2015
To be honest...I don't think you have to work too hard to make cursive 'fun' for your students.  This is my first year back in third after about a 10 year span of being in first and second.  I forgot how excited they get to learn cursive!  I spent the first semester carefully teaching them the proper strokes for each letter and learning we are a full fledged cursive class!  Part of that involves having my students receive a CURSIVE LICENSE.  They ate this right up and were thrilled to earn it.  I decided to make 2 ~ a large one for the wall to hang up like this:

Then I like to also make them smaller ones that I shrink down and laminate for them just like an I.D. ( on both they are required to sign and date too )

Now I also tell them that their licenses can be 'revoked' if they don't take care in writing neatly.  I have a license little pack if you are interested - it's already done for you:

I hope you are able to use a cursive license in your classroom...your kids will love it!


  1. Adorable idea! I am glad to hear they still eat up the novelties in 3rd too!!! Happy MLK day!

  2. Cute idea. My daughter wants to learn cursive. Maybe we can use this when we start.
    Grade School Giggles