It's a TPT Sale and giveaway!

Sunday, February 22, 2015
I know, I know...I hear ya'.  We've been due for a sale right?!?  I'm so excited and pumped up about it.  I have added so many products since our last sale.
You are all HEROS in my eyes... I love this graphic.  Let's celebrate YOU and all you do for kids across the world!
 In honor of you I'm giving away a $20 TPT gift card.  It will be given TONIGHT so you can shop the sale!
This is the time to stock up on bundles - just go to My Categories on my store home page and click on bundles.  I'm so excited that I've decided to giveaway a TPT giftcard for $20.  So add some goodies to your wish list and enter my rafflecopter so your money can go even further.  Check out my Close Reading and I've updated lots of my old products too.

Are you reaching EVERY child?

Monday, February 16, 2015
This is a constant thought going through my head.  It seemed so simple when I had 17 kids in my I have almost 30.  It is much more difficult if I'm going to be real here.  Of course there are the kids that you know the families, or you had an older sibling and you've known ( and wanted ) the child since they were in their mommy's tummy.  Creepy - ha just wanted to get a laugh.  But seriously I want you to head into work today asking yourself - Am I reaching Johnny, David, Sarah, etc.  These children NEED us - not PART of us but ALL of us!  And you know what ?!?  We need them too.  I have students that I think of from 1995 - when the Lord puts them on my heart I still pray for them by name. 
I saw something in my Instagram feed that really challenged me -
No matter where you teach there are kids with needs and in every class you will come across a child like this.  Maybe this little 8 year old that drives you batty is watching some kind of abuse happen in their home or their parents are fighting every night.  When I stop and think about those things I find more patience from deep within me.  It's our job to teach yes ~ ~ ~ BUT a truly great teacher does MORE than teach.  They love, accept, inspire - think on these things this week.  I promise if you take it from another perspective you will find it much easier to understand those little minds and hearts we are touching everyday! 
Tell me what you did to inspire a kid this week...

Currently ~ February

Sunday, February 1, 2015
It's already February people!!!!!  I can't believe it... as always I love to link up with Farley for Currently.  Why not join in the fun and link up too?!?  

So Farley added a fun little twist at the end which I LOVE!  I can't wait to read what everyone wrote for their title.

So I'm listening to Say yes to the Dress..hubby is from Boston so soon I will be listening to some Superbowl screams I'm sure.
I joined the bandwagon and now receive a monthly Stitch's so great!
I am longing for that long weekend which is very , very soon - just wish it was here already!
I started cleaning out my closet and donating clothes...need to finish!
My pageant title would be..... Coffee~ Ista!  I love coffee and am kinda a fashionista - HA!
Hope you are having a great Sunday and Happy February!