Currently ~ February

Sunday, February 1, 2015
It's already February people!!!!!  I can't believe it... as always I love to link up with Farley for Currently.  Why not join in the fun and link up too?!?  

So Farley added a fun little twist at the end which I LOVE!  I can't wait to read what everyone wrote for their title.

So I'm listening to Say yes to the Dress..hubby is from Boston so soon I will be listening to some Superbowl screams I'm sure.
I joined the bandwagon and now receive a monthly Stitch's so great!
I am longing for that long weekend which is very , very soon - just wish it was here already!
I started cleaning out my closet and donating clothes...need to finish!
My pageant title would be..... Coffee~ Ista!  I love coffee and am kinda a fashionista - HA!
Hope you are having a great Sunday and Happy February!


  1. I need to clean out my closet too! I have a bunch of clothes I just need to donate to Goodwill. Don't you wish every weekend could be a long weekend?
    Teachin' First

  2. Oh, my gosh . . . my closet is a complete embarrassment! That really should have been on my "needing" section. Love the pageant name. Gotta love a good cup of coffee in the hand all the while being a fashonista! The Techie Playground 

  3. I totally should have incorporated coffee into my pageant title. Love it! Have a great February.

    My Carolina Classroom

  4. Okay feelin' dumb here...what's stitch fixes?
    Happy February to you, too:)