Feedback Frenzy & Farm Unit

Friday, March 27, 2015
Well hello~ ~
I'm so excited to be on Spring break!!!! I've been waking up every morning swimming laps and loving life!  
I'm here to let you know it's that time of year again!  I' m hosting a feedback frenzy party !  I usually do this twice a year and it's always fun!  If you have never experienced one of my feedback frenzy parties let me tell you all about it.  I send out a note to my followers on TPT, share it here and on fb too.  All you have to do is look back at your MY PURCHASES page and if you have anything that you have purchased from me just leave feedback:  so easy!  I am giving away $20 to my store for anyone that participates.  In your feedback just mention feedback frenzy at the end.  If you are listed as 'buyer' - just send me an email that you did this @ and what product it was and I will enter you.  I will pick a winner the weekend of April 4-5 so you have plenty of time to participate.

So swing on over to TPT ~ what are you waiting for?!?  See if you have any you forgot to leave for me.  

Also on a side note if you teach on FARMS I have a huge new unit I just posted.  That $20 can come in handy if you win this feedback frenzy!


 Hope you are on or looking forward to your spring break!  

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