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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Wait what?!?!  It's April already????????????  Well today is always a hard day for sweet angel mom passed away 8 years ago today from a horrific, rare cancer!  She was my BFF and I am thankful for the wonderful years I had with her but miss her terribly every single day!

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So I'm on Spring Break - week 2 in fact and it's always so nice!  Hubby is an Athletic Director at a high school and we had this week off together.  I'm listening to one of my favorite shows.  I guess if I wasn't a teacher I would be a CSI girl.  I love forensics, mysteries, etc.  Strange I know!
I have wanted TIEKS for well over a year and just can't pull the trigger on the expense.  I feel guilty like my kids/family could use that money in a different way...someday!
I have been feeling lead to get involved in either a woman's bible study or small group with the's been years.  I miss that fellowship for sure!

My blog name : Teaching and Much Moore works because of my last name ~ I just wish I called it that from the beginning.
Enjoy your week peeps! xoxox


  1. Let me know when you pull the trigger what you think! I can't do it either, they're just so expensive!! I love that you had two weeks off! I wish we did, but I can't complain because we get an extended weekend for Easter even though we just had Spring Break three weeks ago! I hope that you find a great small group to get into!! I agree, they are a great way to stay connected!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I am so very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I lost my father 7 years ago and it is a feeling like no other. It is just tough. I am glad you had today off of work with your family, memories and thoughts.
    But, I am liking the fact that you get 2 weeks for spring break. Wow! I wonder how that happened. Are you in a year round school? Keep enjoying the rest of your free time!
    Kindergarten Planet

  3. Vicky! That was soooooo SWEET of you to leave a comment on my blog!
    I have been reading about your mom and reflecting about the parallels in my life. My mom had significant health problems for twenty years. I continue to marvel at her bravery and her grace, even when things were at their toughest. I said a prayer for you and your mom earlier today. That picture of your mom's "signature heart" in the sand was so touching, and after reading about it in your "About Me" section, it all makes sense. Sounds like you truly were good buddies.

    I have truly loved Spring Break this year. I've never been so "casual" about my time... and I've loved the freedom of it all. I'm trying to convince myself that all this rest will mean a cheerful attitude when I return. Between testing and promotion, there won't be a moment to spare, so I'm going to try hard to remember this feeling!

    Wishing you a blessed Easter week, BlogFriend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Sending you warm thoughts on this special day ♥ You are helping others by reminding us of what is very important. I can't manage to buy Tieks either...I'm so tough on my shoes, whether they're expensive or not. So I tend to go with "not" :)

  5. Happy April! I think we should start a CSI program for former teachers- We already do so much investigating we should get fast-tracked to a backup career! No subbing for me when I retire- I'll be solving crime! ;)

    I didn't do small groups this year because it falls on the night I have tutoring at school. When you are tutoring til 5 and it started at 6 I just always felt beyond exhausted. I almost fell asleep one week during the whole-group lesson :-0 . I did buy a fancy smancy journaling bible the other day. It speaks to my paper/doodling lovin heart.

    Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend with your family.

  6. It always saddens me to hear about your mom. She was so clearly a special lady and I can only imagine how much you miss her. It's such a reminder for me to appreciate that I still have my parents (believe me I AM very appreciative).

    I so want a pair of Tieks too...but I just can't justify the money when it's needed elsewhere....I've never spent that much on shoes in my life...but they are gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll get some! :o)

    I think about becoming a CSI investigator ALL THE TIME! Seriously, if I wasn't a teacher, it is definitely what I would want to do!

    I hope you are enjoying your break! Mine is still 3 weeks away!

  7. Okay sounding dumb here. But what's TIEKS?

    Happy Easter!

    BL Designs

  8. My dad passed away 10 years ago on April 2nd. It still is crazy that he is gone and I miss him all the time, but I do find it easier to talk about him to my kids and with family. I don't cry and get all choked up now every time. So I think that is good-- hopefully :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!