How to receive my newsletters & a Giveaway

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to announce the LAUNCH of my newsletters!  I just sent out my very 1st one today!  I'm aiming to send these out every 6 - 8 weeks so be sure to sign up so you can receive them too!

I plan on sending pictures of ideas I use in my classroom, tips, maybe something to get you laughing too.  I also plan on sending info on upcoming sales I'm having as well as freebies!  Don't miss out ~ click the picture above to subscribe ~ it's so easy!  Thanks for supporting me and I hope you enjoy my newsletters!  In fact if you sign up now I just sent one out and I have a great freebie in there that will span several grade levels! 

I'm linking up with my sweet and talented friends over at Firstie Friends for a HUGE back to school giveaway.  Be sure to enter to win:

Yes you saw it correctly 5 TPT gift cards for $25 each!!!  Enter below:  You will want to STOCK up for the Big TPT BTS Sale!

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You Tube/Periscope & a Calendar time Tip for you

Thursday, July 23, 2015
So Periscope is all the rage right now and I jumped on the bandwagon and have done a few makes me sad that it's only up there for 24 hours.  I wish you could change that in settings and save 2 at a time or something but that's not the point of it.  I have to admit I love seeing everyone's fun personality on it though.  So ~ ~ ~ with that being said I want to tell you about a calendar tip that I put on Periscope that I have now added to You Tube.  If you haven't checked out my You Tube channel I have some fun tips over there you might like.  If you teach K or 1 you will definitely like my newest video for sure so jump on over and see what it's all about.

I hope you are able to watch it and I'd love to hear your thoughts.  xo,

Monday Made It

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm switching to a Pirate theme this year and have been busy thinking of buying a bunch of stuff for my classroom.  I went to a conference one year back in like 1997 and I'll never forget what the teacher said in a session.  She said~ always bring the boys in...the girls will follow but reign the boys in first.  Well I haven't really followed that because I'm a huge girly - girl and like pink/turquoise, etc.  I tried a sports theme one year and I hated it. :o(  No offense to anyone I'm sure I didn't do it cute enough but it was just too boyish.  Anyway I'm trying to embrace this 'boy' thing and since I'm in third now I think it's even more important.
 With that being said I made a very CUTE pirate lantern to hang above my library.  I searched HIGH and LOW over for a peach lantern - I just couldn't find the right shade.  Today at the teacher store my hubby saw this burlapish one and said, " I bet this will work!"  I really should listen to that man more y'all.  He's very smart and well....yeah, I just need to listen to him more.

BTW { stay tuned }:  

in the next few weeks I'll be creating more fun pirate ideas.

So, I used:
*burlap colored lantern
*black pleathery material from Michael's
*white & brown cardstock and 
*worn red t shirt I tore up

Final Product:

Join me and link on up with the amazing Tara for a Monday Made It.  I'm sure you are busy creating awesome things for your classroom so why not share them?


Monday Made It ~ first day fun

Monday, July 13, 2015
I'm so loving summer and Monday Made It's.  It's so much easier and a little more motivating { more time on my hands } to join in on this fun linky with Tara.  Why not get some craft on and join us next week?!?  

I love Michaels stores and saw a couple items that got me thinking today.  I saw these very cute chalkboard banner pages... and I thought how cute it would be for a backdrop for a photo on the first day.  Instead of writing on them #idonthavecaracarrollprinting  I decided to purchase cute stickers to use and it came out darling!  Then I thought it would be cute for them to hold up a little sign too that said 3rd grade.  I bought a chalkboard sign and wrote on it with chalkboard pens.

So I can hang this up on a bulletin board and then they will hold this cute sign I picked up at Michaels as well.  

I can't wait for my new batch of third graders to come on the first day, they will be so cute in their first day photos!  Thanks Michaels Stores!