Monday Made It

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm switching to a Pirate theme this year and have been busy thinking of buying a bunch of stuff for my classroom.  I went to a conference one year back in like 1997 and I'll never forget what the teacher said in a session.  She said~ always bring the boys in...the girls will follow but reign the boys in first.  Well I haven't really followed that because I'm a huge girly - girl and like pink/turquoise, etc.  I tried a sports theme one year and I hated it. :o(  No offense to anyone I'm sure I didn't do it cute enough but it was just too boyish.  Anyway I'm trying to embrace this 'boy' thing and since I'm in third now I think it's even more important.
 With that being said I made a very CUTE pirate lantern to hang above my library.  I searched HIGH and LOW over for a peach lantern - I just couldn't find the right shade.  Today at the teacher store my hubby saw this burlapish one and said, " I bet this will work!"  I really should listen to that man more y'all.  He's very smart and well....yeah, I just need to listen to him more.

BTW { stay tuned }:  

in the next few weeks I'll be creating more fun pirate ideas.

So, I used:
*burlap colored lantern
*black pleathery material from Michael's
*white & brown cardstock and 
*worn red t shirt I tore up

Final Product:

Join me and link on up with the amazing Tara for a Monday Made It.  I'm sure you are busy creating awesome things for your classroom so why not share them?


  1. Ha! I love it! How clever!! And now... what will be his name???
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  2. I know right Kelli - my son keeps calling him Pete the pirate. LOL

  3. Pirate theme! I love it, Vicky! So cute!

  4. I have never heard that, "bring in the boys first...", but as a mom of three boys it makes complete sense to me! I have really tried to do that in my class (subconsciously apparently) knowing how hard it was for at least two of mine to become engaged at school!

  5. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your pirate lantern! I have a teacher at my school that has a pirate theme. I must share this with her!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. So cute Vicky!! I can't wait to see your whole classroom!

  7. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg. Ahoy! Well done matey!

  8. Cute pirate theme! I haven't heard the bring the boys in first quote but I do know that sometimes we like to make the room more girl-centric and it turns the boys off. Good job including all in your room design!

    My Bright Blue House