5 for Friday

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday again ( even though this week was super S-L-O-W!  )  Lots of meetings, IEP's etc. .. I 'd just rather be teaching!

How cute is this witchy Melonheadz?!!?  I just love Nikki!

I'm linking on up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs to bring you my 5 for Friday!

  Here's what I've been up to:

We have been working hard on our Planet Reports and had presentations this week:  The kids had to bring a costume to present their report.  They had to wear what they would wear if they were to visit their planet...they were so creative!

Every year the Rotary Club comes in and gives every 3rd grader a dictionary!  It's great fun and the kids love it.  They keep it in their desks all year and then in June they can keep it forever.

It was #gopink day for the middle school so my son went all out!  He has the best spirit ever and loves being a part of ASB.  We had to take a selfie together:

On Sunday I attended a fun San Diego meet up!  It was great because I met so  many new people!  I seem to usually go to the Orange County meet ups so it was nice to try something new.  Lots of talented teachers...and my Chalkie buddy Nicole made my day!

Have you heard of Rocksbox?  It is this amazing subscription box with the most beautiful, affordable pieces.  The best part!?!  You can just 'borrow' the pieces, return the pieces or purchase them at an insider discounted price.  Look how pretty everything is!
If you are interested and want to give it a try - you can use this code to sign up:

One more thing~ I know I already did my 5 but I had to share this, my friend and I received a grant from our district for VAPA supplies and we're on the district website home page - whoopie!

Hope you have a great week!  Link on up so I can hear about it next Friday!!! 


5 for Friday & a FREEBIE

Friday, October 9, 2015
I'm excited to share about this week mostly because it's FRIYAY!!!  This has been the longest week ever!!!!!

I'd love to hear about your week so link on up with Kacey and share your fun!

So here it goes:

We have been TRYING really hard to understand adjectives...I mean really hard.  I think we used all the brain power we could muster in the last 2 weeks on it.  After lots of lessons and not as much learning as I would like I resorted to writing on a pumpkin!
Yes, you heard me right!  I bought a pumpkin for the SOLE purpose of writing on it with a big ol' FAT black permanent marker.  Oh the horror!

I had kids feel the pumpkin, try and lift it and rub their fingers all around it.  Then we talked about how it looked and felt and I started writing:

As you can see my students were just too cute!  After spending the last few weeks talking about character traits they started thinking of the inner traits of the pumpkin and asked if I could write those down too...so I did at the bottom as you can tell.

Well even after the pumpkin fun they still needed more work so we did one of my all time favorite activities for FALL... annnddd here's the best part:  It's a FREEBIE!!!

adjectives with candy corn

We brainstormed adjectives we could write in the middle of the candy corn to finish the sentence and hung them up.  I love this activity and so do the kids.  If you want to try this in your classroom you can grab the freebie { here }

We also worked on this fall themed pumpkin patch noun and adjective craftivity.  This is a new product and you can grab it by clicking on the picture below:

grammar work, nouns and adjectives practice with a fall theme

Lastly to really make it stick we used my amazingly talented friend Peggy Means' adjective power point!  It was fab!  The interactive slides were the best and really got my kids involved.

If you want to grab this amazing pack from Peggy you can grab it 

{ here }

Lastly to stick with the fall theme we love doing this in October too:

behavior management tips, build a pumpkin for behavior, behavior tips

What was you week like?!?  I'd love to hear all about it - link on up at Doodle Bugs Teaching with Kacey.



5 for Friday { Saturday Edition }

Saturday, October 3, 2015
I love linking up with Kacey for 5 for Friday! 

Here's a look at my week:

We had DISCO day at school Friday.  I LOVE dress up days!  I had a hard time with disco day I must say.  I think I'm a cross between disco and hippie. LOL

We discussed Mindset and worked on my sweet friend Lisa's Growth Mindset mini book ( freebie ).  It was awesome ~ grab it {here}

I know I've said it before but I LOVE teaching multiplication!!!  I created a rhyme for every fact 1 -12.  I had it bound this summer at STAPLES and we practice almost every day.  They love saying the chants and seeing the pictures.  If you are interested you can grab this { here }

My daughter had her first homecoming!!!  She looked so pretty all dressed up!

teaching theme - pack from tpt

Last week we were working on theme:  It's hard to tell from the photo but the skirt has common themes that come up in stories written on it.  I have a brand new pack that came in handy while working on this: Grab it { here }

As you can tell it's been another busy week as I'm sure we all have but I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends. xo


Currently October

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Happy Fall y'all!  I'm so excited it's October!  I love Fall so much!  I just wish the weather would cooperate out here in So. Cal.  It's still so HOT!

Hook on up with Farley and join us!

So this is what I'm up to:

I love Lifetime TV - I never get sick of the movies!  Tomorrow I get to dress up like I'm a DISCO girl!  Swing by my Instagram account to get a look - should be good! 
A month ago we had a hit and run - seriously - and our car sustained 18,000 worth of damage.  Hello - why didn't they total it!  Anyway I'm getting tired of the rental...want my explorer back. :o(
Ready for another holiday - how about you!?!
I need to clean like I'm sure a lot of you too- ugh I want a fairy godmother. 
Lastly my children will always be so beautiful to me...my miracle babies!