5 for Friday

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday again ( even though this week was super S-L-O-W!  )  Lots of meetings, IEP's etc. .. I 'd just rather be teaching!

How cute is this witchy Melonheadz?!!?  I just love Nikki!

I'm linking on up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs to bring you my 5 for Friday!

  Here's what I've been up to:

We have been working hard on our Planet Reports and had presentations this week:  The kids had to bring a costume to present their report.  They had to wear what they would wear if they were to visit their planet...they were so creative!

Every year the Rotary Club comes in and gives every 3rd grader a dictionary!  It's great fun and the kids love it.  They keep it in their desks all year and then in June they can keep it forever.

It was #gopink day for the middle school so my son went all out!  He has the best spirit ever and loves being a part of ASB.  We had to take a selfie together:

On Sunday I attended a fun San Diego meet up!  It was great because I met so  many new people!  I seem to usually go to the Orange County meet ups so it was nice to try something new.  Lots of talented teachers...and my Chalkie buddy Nicole made my day!

Have you heard of Rocksbox?  It is this amazing subscription box with the most beautiful, affordable pieces.  The best part!?!  You can just 'borrow' the pieces, return the pieces or purchase them at an insider discounted price.  Look how pretty everything is!
If you are interested and want to give it a try - you can use this code to sign up:

One more thing~ I know I already did my 5 but I had to share this, my friend and I received a grant from our district for VAPA supplies and we're on the district website home page - whoopie!

Hope you have a great week!  Link on up so I can hear about it next Friday!!! 


  1. I love that witchy Melonhead, too!! I am jealous that you got to go to the meet-up! I am a little too far north to make it down! Your Planet Reports look like a fun time!! :)
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. What a great idea to dress for a planet of your choice. Blogger meet ups are such fun.
    Paula’s Place

  3. I love how you got the kids to dress up for their solar reports. Very clever.
    Awesome pic of your son!