MLK Jr. ideas

Friday, December 30, 2016
Don't hate me friends, but I'm looking ahead to January and thinking about what I'm teaching this month.  I hope you have all had a wonderful Winter Break and are (somewhat) ready to go back.  I thought I would compile some fun MLK Jr. ideas for you since that is a topic that will be coming up very soon once we hit the ground running.

This fun craftivity is one that my team partner in first and I did for years together.  I love the unity it declares right when you look at it.  The children learn all about MLK and then write about him.  The paper is just folded to meet in the middle and the written paper is glued down.  Then the top paper is where you have your students 
( ideally with a parent helper ) place their painted hands on it so the fingers overlap in the 2 colors.  This is always a favorite and looks great as a display for your hallways.

Another one the kids always enjoy doing and they are always so proud of their work is a MLK Jr. directed drawing, I always have them write words that remind them of him or character traits around him as well.

My pack has lots of great hands on activities and printables.

Another fun part of this pack is a craft that would make a fun display.

What are some fun things you like to do to honor MLK Jr.'s memory?


sELFless Kindness Challenge

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Happy Wait for it Wednesday my friends!

I have a great group of kids ~ but let's face it, it's December and we are all a little  lot tired!  Today was especially rough for some reason, maybe because we are having SNOW delivered tomorrow and having a Polar Express Night at our school and we live in Southern California I don't know...haha. ( love our PTA )
But anywho I was thinking about the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and what I could do to make it meaningful for my students.  I thought about our elf and thought we could focus on kindness and being selfless.  So the idea was born and I worked on a fun pack.  Well I've been using it now since we've been back and it's been fun and beneficial for my students.  I think it's so important to focus on giving rather than receiving and I knew this pack would do the trick for changing their mindset.  If we 'spy' a child doing a sELFless act they can earn a sELFless gram or choose a shining bright gram to hang up.  Our wall is filling up fast!

You can hear more about it by watching my video explaining it and how to use it in your classroom:

If you want to try this out in your own classroom, click picture.
random  acts of kindness ideas and activities

My helper of the day picks out of our Mason Jar of kindness and reads what kindness act we are going to be focusing on each day.  I've really seen a difference in their hearts and actions since I started this over a week ago.  If you want to check it out watch the video or click ( here )  Hang in there just about a week and a half until break!


More Elf Fun

Monday, December 5, 2016
Little Snowflake our elf has been quite BUSY lately.  Every morning the kids CANNOT wait to see where she is and what she's up to.  Here is what she has been doing for the last week.

Today we found Snowflake making snow angels on our hallway counter and she brought in a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Roasting marshmallows by the candle... by the way - if they  moved their clip up to Super they got 1 marshmallow from Snowflake.

Hanging from a stocking on the TV

My personal favorite - hanging with our objectives/targets.  She had her own...smiling.  I wish standards were that easy sometimes. :oD

YummY!! Snowflake just loves Walmart's maple syrup.  We couldn't figure out how she drank from it all day long and it never got lower in the bottle. { wink, wink }

Snowball fight!!!!   (with the other friends from our class library.)


Snowman Countdown Craft

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Happy Wait for it Wednesday friends!
This week we are talking about a fun countdown craft you can do with your students:

Ready or not....Christmas is coming!  So we are less than a month from Christmas and I'm not feeling so ready this year.  But earlier this week we made the CUTEST Snowman countdown in my classroom and the kids LOVED it.  I had lots of parents compliment how cute they were too.  I have a little guy that doesn't celebrate Christmas ~ not a problem!  The beauty of this craft is that it has options.  So, we decided we would just countdown until Winter Break.  He loved that it wasn't too Christmasy and he could participate in it.
* I added a strip of scrapbook paper to make it more personal near the brim of his hat.  **

This snowman countdown craftivity is so fun and perfect for December.  Your students will love moving the carrot nose to countdown until Christmas or any special occasion they have planned.  If you want to try this you can grab it here

The nose is added on with a brad so it's movable and ready to use.  Grab it while you can my friends!  Only a few more weeks and we have another break.  Enjoy your time with your precious students.


5 Holiday Craft Ideas to try this year

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

5 holiday crafts for December

Welcome friends old and new...I'm excited to share another 

with you this week.  I have some fun craft ideas that are my must haves for December:

I love the holidays ~ Christmas lights, holiday music, cool weather in Southern all makes me so happy!  I have 5 MUST HAVE craft ideas for December that you will be happy you tried.

This Snowman countdown is perfect for any age really:  If you teach preschool it would work with a small group and lots of direction.  Preschoolers on up would love this countdown...I'm doing it with my 3rd graders this year even.  It's a fairly simple craft and all they have to do is move the carrot nose to countdown the days until Santa comes...if they celebrate a different holiday - NO WORRIES.  They can countdown to anything special that they celebrate in December.

snowman countdown craft

grab it ( here )

Reindeer Craftivity

This has been a big hit for the last few years in my classroom and hallway.  It's a fun craft that the kids can make unique by embellishing it.  I use scrapbook paper for the skirt and bow for the girls, the hanging legs are just fun and it makes a darling display.

reindeer craftivity

grab it ( here )

My parents in my class FLIPPED over this holiday card...I only wish I would've taken a picture of the card itself but you get the idea.  I put up wrapping paper as a backdrop and strung lights around them ( that were plugged in ).  The lights lit up and so did they....this made a fun little Christmas card for the parents.  You can also place this picture on a piece of wood and mod podge over it to make a fun holiday decoration for years to come.

christmas idea for parent christmas gift from kids

Having a Polar Express Party at home or school is always a favorite of kids!  Have your kids come to the party or school wearing their The Polar Express and serve hot chocolate or chocolate milk if you are worried it will be too hot for little hands.  Then work on this fun craft to finish off the night { boy and girl versions available }

polar express craftivity

grab it ( here )

I made these for my parent helpers one year as a thank you gift at was a huge hit.  I used baby booty socks for the little hat.  I purchased white glittery ornament balls and painted a snowman face on them, hot glue the baby sock hat and add ribbon.  It makes a fun, unique gift - several comments and liked that I added the year and parent helper on it.  I think it made it extra special and served as a memento of them helping out that year.

snowman parent gift ornament with baby socks

I hope these ideas are new and something that you can try out this holiday season.  If you decide to try it out let me know below or if you have any further questions ask in the comments and I'd be glad to help you.  Happy crafting! xo


election 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Hi teacher friends welcome to a very late edition of 

~ ~ it's been a BUSY couple of weeks.  Conferences, Halloween on a Monday { seriously }, and the elections are just around the corner.  I'm so curious how you handle the election process or elections in general in your classroom.  It's even a bit trickier to handle when the elections are surrounded by so much drama controversy.  
My team teacher has always taught about the election process - in fact she has had permission every election for the last 4 of them to bring her class into the election room ( which is done on our campus as we are a polling site ) and her students sit quietly and observe voters.  Her adult daughter will be there voting and we will watch her throughout the process.  After that the polling people for lack of a better name give all of our students I voted stickers.  But first....they need to vote.
After teaching them about the process and a little about our government including the 2 main parties - but NOT their platforms.  We keep this very UN political so we don't upset parents.  So we teach the animal that represents each party and general information about how the parties started etc.  We also teach about the process of voting: registering to vote, providing an I.D., having the vote be 'secret', etc.  Then after we have them 'register' the FRIDAY before voting they must have their I.D. that we provided with their picture to vote on the Tuesday.  We set up several voting boots with privacy partitions and even a ballot box for them to turn their ballots into.  
Later we count the votes and announce who won at our grade level.  We teach them GENERAL information about the candidates like: where they went to college, when and where they were born etc.  We make sure to not put our opinion into it and try not to get their opinions ( or really their parent's opinions ) in it either.  We definitely do NOT talk about their stances on issues as that is not appropriate and too deep for them at this age.
We keep it light and give parents a heads up that we will be doing this in a very light, informative manner.  
I will post pics on my facebook page of the kids voting next week.  If you want a little election pack to do something for next week you can grab it ( here ).  It includes a poem and close reading, etc. if you don't want to have a mock election but still want to tie the election into your lesson plans.

Don't forget to go out and vote ~ and if you are someone of faith be praying for our country and our leaders. <3  Happy Hump Day! XO,


National Symbols

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's another edition of...

I'm so glad you joined me this week.  I wanted to share some fun ideas for when you teach on National/American Symbols.
National Symbols are so much fun to teach!  With the elections upon us I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas and art projects I've done in the past.  This pack is one of my top sellers and it's perfect for K/1.
When I taught first we did A LOT of art but we almost always paired it with writing which made it more meaningful for the kids.  So most of the projects I've included or that I'm sharing can be hung up with a writing page.  I like to have the kids research on Kiddle and brainstorm and then write about the monument.  It looks so nice hung by the art projects. This pack is pretty comprehensive.  I have interactive poems, close reading and lots of note taking pages all on American symbol topics.

American symbols poems and crafts, writing, mini book and more

Eagle art uses their foot print and hand prints - how fun is that!?!
The Statue of Liberty is done with layering paper, kids love this one!

american symbol pack, craftivities with american symbols, writing and more

You could even enlarge the statue of liberty just a bit for the above art project and take pictures of your students.  Then cut out the face and put it in the Statue of Liberty face.  It makes a darling display!

Teaching national symbols, american symbols for social studies

This is a fun, comprehensive, engaging unit on national symbols.  It's perfect for an Open House or hanging lots of displays and showing off your student's writing skills.  If you think this is something you can use you can grab it { here }
Happy Teaching! 


How to Survive Halloween Week

Sunday, October 23, 2016

First:  Get a sub all week!  Totally kidding
I am a fan of Halloween and love any excuse to get dressed up.  But Halloween on a Monday c'mon are you serious!?!?!  That just doesn't sound like the best way for a teacher to start his/her week.
So I have some fun, engaging activities and ideas that you can try out this week to hopefully make it flow much easier and make it more memorable for your students.
If you teach K or 1 maybe even 2 it's a great time to review rhyming words and word families.  I like to use my 

This includes a center too with several rhyming word cards.  It could even be used as a rotation at a Halloween Party so that you make it educational.

This freebie has lots of options that can easily be included during rotations during a classroom party or just at different times during the week, maybe seat work or math center time even. Get it here!

This is always a great visual for kids when working on adjectives.  Another idea ~ buy a pumpkin and write adjectives on it.  Have your students sit in a circle and touch it feel it etc., then you can write those adjectives on the pumpkin. Get it here!

Need behavior help this week...who doesn't?!?!  Here's a fun way to keep them focused!

Here's some ideas for math activities this week :  Free as well!  Grab it here!

Here are a few more Halloween packs that will make your week fun you can grab in my store here:

Grab the craftivity here  or the counting/color book here

Have your class make a Halloween bunting ( get it here )  to decorate the room!

Well good luck my teacher least there's not a full moon too.  I hope I've given you lots of options to make your week extra special with your sweet little monsters. xoxo,