5 for Friday { Saturday Edition }

Saturday, January 16, 2016

It has been such a great 2 weeks back with my students!!  I love linking up with Kacey for 5 for Friday ~ here's a peek into my week:

We tried out the math blocks that I blogged about on my previous post.  My students LOVED it and it's perfect for an indoor recess or math center.  Even better if you teach a combo and have to teach 2 math lessons, keep one group engaged while you're teaching one grade and then switch it.

I'm pretty sure there's not much more to making a teacher happy than seeing them read and ENJOY reading every spare minute.

Lots of fractions happening in my classroom lately!  My team partner and I worked together to create a fun game activity we called: Shake, Rattle and Roll!  One of my students said,"  This is so fun, it's the best day of school ever! " AHH <3

I found out this week that I'm going to be getting a student teacher~~~ I'm so excited!  This will be my first one in 21 years.  I job shared for several years and was busy raising my kids and now I feel like since my kids are older I have time.  We made her this fun snowflake sign to welcome her.  I'd love to hear any tips if you have any for me...

The 100th day is fast approaching for most of you:  I blogged over at the Primary Elementary Chalkboard today:  lots of new, fresh ideas to celebrate this special day with your kiddos!

Hope your week was as fabulous as mine!  We have the best jobs ever!
xo, Vicky


  1. This reminds me that I need to start planning for the 100th day of school. I like your indoor recess ideas. I have been using board games as well as gonoodle for students to get the wiggles out and have a brain break.

  2. I love seeing my students make a beeline for the reading corner, too!

    Good luck with your student teacher! I love having them in the classroom - I love being able to share what I've learnt, but also their ideas, too. Some tips for their first day - have a copy of your planners ready to go for them to familiarise themselves with how you work. If you have photos of your students, put them on a page with their name underneath so they can learn their names quicker. I've also found it really important to give them a job to do with the whole class on the first day as a teacher (even if it's just reading them a book).

    Miss Galvin Learns

  3. Thank you Stef - those are all great ideas! I appreciate you sharing them with me. <3 -Vicky