Saturday, January 30, 2016
We had so much fun with main idea today!!!!  My students loved this lesson and it was so engaging and motivating.  First it got them up and moving which with the limited recess time we have is always a win win!

Here's what went down:  I prepped lunch bags by gluing magnifying glasses on them and numbering them 1 - 10.  Then I put the strips of paper in them that I created and my students went around the room and recorded on their recording sheets what the bag was mainly about.  It can be used if you are teaching 'categories' to younger ones ( as long as they can read ).  I love to have a chaotic bahaha just kidding - CALM classroom so I was sure to only let a couple of tables of kids go at a time.  Also it eliminated the problem not only of kids crowding, whining, etc.  I wanted to see for myself who was getting this and  ~~~ if it was done by groups a leader would clearly say the answer out loud and I would be sad!  This way I walked around and talked to my students about what they were thinking.  It was interesting and eye opening to see what they came up with.  I couldn't believe how many kids had trouble with the Disneyland one, and we live            { kinda } near it.

I spread the bags out around the room - click the picture below to grab my FREEBIE so your students can be main idea detectives too!

main idea freebie

I hope your students love this and tell you it was the "best day ever" like they did to me. Enjoy!!

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