Need Blog Post Ideas?!?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stuck with blogging ideas?  A list of blogging topic ideas for teachers

Do you feel like this picture sometimes?!!?  I think we can all relate.  I remember at the most recent TPT conference I overheard a group of teachers talking about how the blogging world is dead, no longer relevant.  They were focusing on fb and other social media outlets.  It got me active was I on my blog?  How often was I visiting my friends blogs?  The answer was...I could do better...much better.  When I first started this journey I blogged a lot and I visited blogs often and left comments, etc.  Now comments are few and far between, but that's okay.  It doesn't mean your content isn't being read or pinned.
In the last few months I have made a commitment to myself to blog more than I did last year and strive to provide great content for my readers.  Sometimes it's hard to think of great content - sometimes you might think your idea is old, tired or recycled.  But I still encourage you to put it out might have a new twist on an old idea that will breathe new life into a very tired teacher somewhere.  That's the beauty of collaboration and a little thing called the internet.
So if you are stumped for ideas on blog posts I'd thought I'd help you out a bit:

* write about a behavior tip you have
* write about an organizational tip you have
* share about a program your school uses
* write about technology
* write about intervention ideas you have
* how do you teach procedures in the classroom
* throw a giveaway
* write about a product ~ even better if it's in use
* write about a meet up
* write about a class pet
* write about how you market yourself or use social media
* give tips on communicating with the parents in your classroom
* review a product
* link up with Tara for Made it Monday
* join a linky
* give tips on how you use manipulatives in math
* how do you plan, manage and organize a field trip?
* what is a day in the life of your teacher life like
* have a fashion friday and show us your fashion for the week
* do you have a favorite teacher lunch you pack?  We all get bored with our lunches.
* how do you balance it all: teaching , motherhood, exercise, TPT etc.
* help out a newbie by offering a tutorial on how to make a product cover or preview
* share your back to school wishlist or donation list
* share some Donor's Choose tips
* do a classroom reveal
* show us how you organize your class library
* give interview tips
* share a funny story
* share an inspirational story
* share pictures and discuss how your Open House looks
* share craft ideas
* any kind of teaching tips
* share about a book series you love
* family/ school party ideas
* consider starting a blog series and write about a topic ( math, writing, etc. ) in your classroom but break it up into 3 or 4 blog posts

I hope this gets you started if you are in a slump or in need of some ideas to blog about...often great blog posts take a lot of time.  The photos, the watermarks, the content and links.  It is time consuming yes, but worth it...I think yes!  Go out and share your teacher heart with us...we want to hear all your amazing ideas!

I'll leave you with the words of my friend Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard:  



  1. Thank you for this amazing and helpful list! I like blogging, but sometimes i get creatively stuck. This definitely gets the ideas going!

    1. It's hard sometimes, I definitely go through 'seasons' in my blogging where I have more ideas than other times. Thanks Rissa!

  2. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement!!! :)

  3. Aww you are so welcome Amy - thanks for stopping in!

  4. I can relate with this post so well! I'm currently working on moving to WP from Blogger so I hope that fresh start helps. Thanks for the ideas!

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  5. How fun Melissa - I can't wait to see the new WP one! Have a great week!

  6. GREAT list! Thank you! You just inspired my blog post!

  7. Ahhh ~ ~ I'm so glad and happy to help. We can all use fresh ideas every once in a while right?!?! Thanks for stopping by! <3 - Vicky

  8. Oh my goodness...I LOVE this post! Fantastic ideas! I'm an "old school" blogger who still loves to get a cup of coffee (or 2) and read everyone's posts. I can't wait to read more here :) Thanks! Jen

  9. I love it Jen - I'm trying to be better about posting and visiting like I use to back then. You're the best! xo,

  10. Thank you for this! I personally love reading blogs and wish I wrote more myself! This list is awesome and inspirational! Thank you!