Opinion Writing ~ Double stuff my OREO

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Many of you have seen the OREO opinion writing but I love this double stuff idea.  My team teacher is brilliant!  Brilliant I tell you!  She taught both of my kids and I learn from her every single day.  While I was teaching opinion writing to my third graders one of my kids raised her hand and said, " You mean DOUBLE STUFF our OREOS?"  She had my team teacher last year in a 2/3 combo and I loved hearing the clever ways she taught concepts.  So I asked her to explain even though I kinda knew where she was going with it.  Basically when you are teaching opinion/persuasive writing you teach the OREO method...it looks something like this:  Which you can get from my first grade opinion writing pack { here }

Well this is from my first grade pack...it's great and all.  But...now that I teach 3rd grade we can do so much more.  So you double stuff it:  2 { or more } reasons and 2 { or more } examples.  How cute is it that my teacher friend uses the term Double Stuff?!?  It certainly 'stuck' with them so of course now I have stolen borrowed this great idea and will use it with my students.
As you can see this works great for the older kids...

opinion writing freebie

You can grab this freebie from my google docs ~ { here }
Enjoy and happy teaching friends!


  1. That's very clever, Vicky. I can imagine that anything related to Oreos will be remembered for a long time!

  2. JUST darling and perfect for my classroom.