Wait for it Wednesday ~ first edition

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Thank you so much for stopping by for my big day!!!  I'm so excited to bring you all my very first Wait for it Wednesday!  I'm here each week to give you some #humpdayhelp.

To kick off Wait for it Wednesday ~ ~ I bring you a FREEBIE just for today!  It's a taste of my Behavior Bites product line and I'm confident it will keep your kiddos in line during Spring Fever that is sure to come your way.  If it hasn't hit yet...I'm certain it will.  It was 93 degrees here in So. Cal this week ~ YES!  So no matter what the weather is like where you are this long month of April 
{ with virtually no holidays } and state testing alone will certainly send you into : PANIC teacher mode!  I know, I know none of you experience that right?!!?  Well...okay even after 21 years in the classroom I can get sent there on occasion.  So, why not make your life a bit easier and grab these?  What are they you ask?  Well they are very LOW PREP, in fact have a parent helper set you up and it's no prep.  My Behavior Bites product line is all about helping the teacher out.  It's a seasonally themed behavior incentive for each month.  So for example in January we did this:

You can use my pre~ made incentives OR you can create your own since I've made the product editable.  Your students can 'earn' a marshmallow, a gold coin, etc. and when they fill up the mug, pot, etc. they earn a reward.  I usually give them an extra 20 minutes recess, you can give them a Popsicle party - it's up to you.  By targeting the specific behaviors you are setting your kids up for SUCCESS!!!  For example I let the librarian know ahead of time that my students are working towards a jellybean for behavior in the library.  She'll let me know at the end of my prep how they did and if they have earned it.  I hear kids when I'm walking down the hall say," shh!  let's earn a jellybean for walking quietly!"  It's the cutest thing and just warms my teacher heart.  So, to kick off my Wait for it Wednesday I'm sharing my Behavior Bites April with your for FREE ~ just until 4/7 5PM PST. I hope you LOVE it as much as my students do and it gives you some 'peace' during these last crazy weeks before summer.

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Enjoy my friends and stop by every Wednesday to see what I'm up to.  Next week I have something completely different in store:  see you then! 


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    1. Thanks Christina - you are the sweetest! xo

  2. Love your new blog design and I am obsessed with this idea- especially right now when kids have Spring Fever and start not acting like their angelic selves.
    Fancy Free in Fourth