Wait for it Wednesday ~ Spirit Days

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spirit Days at school ~ ~ ~ you either love them or hate them.  I know lots of teacher don't want to be bothered by them but I embrace them like I'm reliving my youth...kinda scary but oh so true!  I'm obviously in the camp that LOVES spirit days.  I even have a box in my garage that my hubby so lovingly created just.for.spirit.days!!!  I've collected wigs, jewelry for every decade imaginable, clothing ( thrift shops finest ), costumes, hair ribbons and more.  When my daughter was a little girl and started out growing her hair bows I saved them for me.  What!?!?!  I knew I'd use them for Spirit Days - pink for Pink Week for breast cancer awareness, yellow for childhood cancer awareness and the others for spirit or dress up days.  They come in handy you know.

So a few years ago due to my love of these spirit days I created a pack to go with them.  I figured why not get something academic out of these days right?!?

As you can see....

This fun pack was made with Spirit Days in mind.  I know my students are excited on spirit days...to see me dressed up and then Student Council comes around and tallies how many kids in each class is dressed up for an award so - needless to say the kids are a bit fired up.  Why not make great use of this as a teacher I ask?!?!  I have them write on these days because they already have the motivation and their writing always turns out extra special on these days.
As I updated this pack, I've included narrative and opinion options for writing.  Your students can compare the spirit day they are celebrating to one they have had in the past - which did they like better and why?  They can write a narrative on how they picked out their outfit or what happened on that spirit day ~ ~ ~ lots of options.

This is definitely something that will come in handy during your school year.  I tried to include primary lines and lines for upper elementary too.  This fun pack is on sale ~ for the rest of this week so plan ahead for next year and grab it while you can ~ 36 pages for just 2 bucks!

I'm going to be taking over Student Council next year...what kinds of Spirit Days do you have at your school?


  1. Such a cute idea to include a little academics along with spirit day Vicky! We have crazy hair day, twin day, decade day (dress in your favorite decade), and sports team day, mismatched day.

  2. Thanks Karyn - those are great ideas! <3 - Vicky

  3. Thanks for writing this amazing post.