Back to School Parent Donation Wishlist

Are you disgusted with me yet?!?  Back to School ~ ~ who says that in June right!?!?!  Well I was inspired to create an Instagram themed parent wishlist for Back to School and I just had to share it with you...#sorrynotsorry  
I usually create something that ties in with my theme for the parent wishlist each year and the parents pull a piece of paper off my white board and off they go to purchase.  I was trying to think of a way that I could have more of a display that I could keep up all year.  When I make something I keep it up for a couple weeks and then need the white board space.  I'm lucky enough to have parents that swing by and ask me what they could pick up for me or what I'm running low this idea came to mind. 

Back to School Parent Donation Wishlist made easy
Although the first one is cute and matches my theme with a catchy title, it is temporary and can't even be saved easily from year to year.  Whereas the next picture I've used an easel that I will keep in the hallway all year long.  I will print out several of the 'pic's and throughout the year will change them out.  When we are in need of kleenex and ink I will put some of those up and add it to my newsletter or 'remind 101' app for the parents to know it's been updated.  Not only is it cute but it's functional. it, save it ~ it's okay if you don't think about it until August or September but I hope you remember it when the time comes because I do think it will keep you more organized for supplies in the upcoming year.  Working parents are often frustrated because they can't commit to coming in and helping but are usually very open to donating items for the classroom.  So this allows them to do it and your students benefit - I'd say that's a win/win.  
Now go to the beach, enjoy your summer and swing by {here} when you are in FULL ON Back to School mode to grab this fun pack to make your life easier!  I'm heading to Hawaii to catch some rays and celebrate my hubby and my 20th wedding anniversary. #manwereold 
I have included tons of donation ideas but if you have some that aren't included I've made this EDITABLE so you can add your own.

Parent Donation Wishlist board to have out at Back to School Night


  1. Haha!! I still have 3 teaching days to go! :) Cute ideas!

    Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom

    1. Hi Erin, that just means when I'm back in early August you'll still have lots of summer left. :o) You're almost to the finish line. :o) - Vicky

  2. Adorable wishlist! I would request decorative computer paper!
    Kim H.

    1. Thanks Kim - that does sound like a must have. :o)

  3. I allllllways request LOTS of tissues! We go through so many in a school year, it is CRAZY!

    1. YES!!! That's always a really important one, last year allergies were cr-raazzyy! They were going through tissues like you wouldn't believe.


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