It's the Little Things that Matter...

Sunday, September 18, 2016
This post has been in the works for quite some time.  I've been teaching a long time - I've seen TONS of changes believe me.  My first year was in the inner city with 32 first graders and I had a bilingual aide everyday until 12:30 - when she left each day I cried - at least for the first month. LOL  I've taught at private christian schools and public schools in very different environments.  I've seen whole language, phonics, thematic teaching, class size reduction, CLAD, year round and traditional school calendars and much more.
What I've learned over the years is that it's the little things that make ALL the difference.  So, you might not have a Pinterest worthy classroom ~ ~ that's okay.  Some kids don't learn well in an overly decorated or bright classroom.  It can over stimulate them... { I need to work on that } I definitely love decorating my classroom and the Target dollar bin.
You may not have the latest and greatest gadgets and technology.  We JUST got Smart Boards this year in August.  I've had friends that have had them for almost 10 years.  California - lagging much!?!
What sticks with kids obviously is how you make them feel - we've read the quotes and the research.  Kids don't learn under a teacher they don't like, etc.  But it's true folks - you have to love the unlovable, reach out to the one that wants the most ( negative ) attention and may drive you batty.  CONNECT on any level you can find with them.  I urge you to find SOMETHING you can connect with for each child in your class.  Even if you are giving them a fun nickname that you know they are okay with or asking them about their sporting event they play in.
Other little things you can do that cost you NOTHING:

** Change a number on your date you write on the board each month.  Watch what happens ~ your students will start copying you and it's the cutest thing ever.  You will read their journals and they will start writing the 0 in 2016 like an apple or a pumpkin.  Kids remember this little, tiny act.  It sounds silly but it sticks with them and makes school more 'fun'.

** Play games in class - we play Math Champ which is just like Around the World with flashcards.  We play Trash Can Spelling which you can read more about { here }.
** Give EXTRA table points on Fridays and call it Double Down Friday.  They will behave like perfect angels to get those double points trust me.  To be honest my students and I call it: Double Down Friyay! :o)

** Have a Mystery Walker - this costs nothing and it's a management idea but it's another thing that sticks with kids.  Kids from past years will see my students walking quietly in the hallway when they are going to the restroom and say, " Mrs. Moore I know you are watching for the Mystery Walker right now. "  I love it!

** Incorporate a Journal Fairy into your day ~ sprinkle some glitter on those extra awesome journals while they are at recess.  They will be so surprised and happy when they come back to class.

( I have more info on this here )

** Incorporate a Mystery Reader program into your year.  Parents, grandparents, school staff , past principals, district superintendent and even the mayor like to come out and I've had all of the above visit my room.

Mrs. Readers

Invite the school mascot - that was so fun!

Mystery Readers

These are all FREE which is the beautiful thing.  If you welcome each child at the door with a high 5 that counts.  Just reach out, be creative and loving and encouraging and watch the magic and memories happen my teacher friends. What's something you do that is one of the 'little things' ?


  1. Love this!!! It's all about capturing a kid's heart!! Once you have that, the learning for them comes easy!!! Great job!! 💕

    1. Oh Lori - that is so true! I love that...capturing a kids heart <3