Wait for it Wednesday ~ Spelling

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Welcome to another edition of: 

Spelling ~ it can be seen as a chore, some even view it as unnecessary in our day and age.  I have always loved spelling.  It has come naturally for me since I was a child...unless you are counting auto correct in texting then not so much. LOL
I've been listening to people argue how with spell check and technology being so prevalent that the need to know how to spell correctly is not as important as it once was...I highly disagree!
I was having a discussion with my third graders and showed them various notes written that could be sent from an employee to their boss or co worker.  They laughed at the misspellings.  I asked them if they thought it looked professional to have words spelled incorrectly, then  I asked if the notes looked like they were written by an educated person.  It got them thinking and realizing how important it is to understand patterns in words and spell correctly.

I think every grade level 1st - 5th at my site offers a weekly spelling list.  I usually have 16 - 20 words that focus on a phonetic skill to reinforce.  Daily practice activities can get: boring!  So I compiled some clever ideas that I've come across to spice up your spelling work:

Look at this adorable idea from my friend Christina @ Mrs. Winters Bliss { here }

Here's another idea from my friend Molly @Lucky to be in First - read more about it { here }

I have a spelling pack you can grab with several options to make it more engaging for kids. { here }

With photo copying being at an all time low in our district I try to use my white boards as much as possible for practicing our spelling.

Don't you just LOVE this spelling game idea from my friend Justine @ The Typical Mom ~ read all about her awesome idea 
{ here } and be sure to follow her for more kid friendly ideas and recipes.

How about spelling through technology:  Here are some great spelling apps from The Measured Mom.  Read more about them  
{here} ~ great way to focus on specific skills: long vowels in spelling,  double consonants, etc.

Hopefully I've given you some fresh new ideas to use for your spelling/word work block in your day.  If you have some fresh ideas comment below: we'd all love to hear them!


  1. Vicki,

    You are so sweet to share! My kids do LOVE spelling their words on the "iPads". I agree, spelling IS important, this world needs more hand written notes and cards. I love your engaging pack too. :) Hope you are off to a great start to the week!

  2. Thanks Christina - I bet your kids love your ipad spelling - it's soo cute! Love ya!