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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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I'm so glad you joined me this week.  I wanted to share some fun ideas for when you teach on National/American Symbols.
National Symbols are so much fun to teach!  With the elections upon us I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas and art projects I've done in the past.  This pack is one of my top sellers and it's perfect for K/1.
When I taught first we did A LOT of art but we almost always paired it with writing which made it more meaningful for the kids.  So most of the projects I've included or that I'm sharing can be hung up with a writing page.  I like to have the kids research on Kiddle and brainstorm and then write about the monument.  It looks so nice hung by the art projects. This pack is pretty comprehensive.  I have interactive poems, close reading and lots of note taking pages all on American symbol topics.

American symbols poems and crafts, writing, mini book and more

Eagle art uses their foot print and hand prints - how fun is that!?!
The Statue of Liberty is done with layering paper, kids love this one!

american symbol pack, craftivities with american symbols, writing and more

You could even enlarge the statue of liberty just a bit for the above art project and take pictures of your students.  Then cut out the face and put it in the Statue of Liberty face.  It makes a darling display!

Teaching national symbols, american symbols for social studies

This is a fun, comprehensive, engaging unit on national symbols.  It's perfect for an Open House or hanging lots of displays and showing off your student's writing skills.  If you think this is something you can use you can grab it { here }
Happy Teaching! 

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