Snowman Countdown Craft

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Happy Wait for it Wednesday friends!
This week we are talking about a fun countdown craft you can do with your students:

Ready or not....Christmas is coming!  So we are less than a month from Christmas and I'm not feeling so ready this year.  But earlier this week we made the CUTEST Snowman countdown in my classroom and the kids LOVED it.  I had lots of parents compliment how cute they were too.  I have a little guy that doesn't celebrate Christmas ~ not a problem!  The beauty of this craft is that it has options.  So, we decided we would just countdown until Winter Break.  He loved that it wasn't too Christmasy and he could participate in it.
* I added a strip of scrapbook paper to make it more personal near the brim of his hat.  **

This snowman countdown craftivity is so fun and perfect for December.  Your students will love moving the carrot nose to countdown until Christmas or any special occasion they have planned.  If you want to try this you can grab it here

The nose is added on with a brad so it's movable and ready to use.  Grab it while you can my friends!  Only a few more weeks and we have another break.  Enjoy your time with your precious students.


  1. I love this countdown snowman Vicky! Where did you find it? Did you make it? Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

  2. Hi Karyn - thanks so much. I just updated it - right above the picture you can click the here link. Thanks again for your sweet words.