Dollar Store hacks

I've written posts about the Dollar store before  ~ I can't help myself.  Seriously if you have a couple minutes walk around the Dollar Store and things will just POP out at you and you'll get ideas for how you can use these in your classroom.
Recently I went with my hubby for household items....well I came home with a couple bags of ideas I could use for teaching.
This one jumped out at me to use as a sorting center for any age.  I displayed the idea as an odd/even sorting center but it could be used for long/short vowels, phonics skills, word endings, grammar and the list goes on and on.  I grabbed 2 of these frog packages in the toy isle and then wrote on the frogs and their corresponding 'ponds'.

Another fun item I found I stumbled upon by accident.  I really don't even remember what isle I got it from or what is suppose to even be used for...but...check it out.

It's perfect for a winter background, doesn't it look just like snow?  I have a new pack The Snowy Day and I thought this would be perfect for the craft I included in the pack.

My idea was to use with shaving cream but the above background idea from the Dollar Store would be so cute too.

What are your favorite Dollar Store finds?


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