Groundhog Day Ideas

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy hump day friends, thanks for joining me for my newest edition of:

Groundhog's Day is coming up pretty quick and I thought I'd put together some fun ideas to help you out.  This first one would be a yummy, cute way to celebrate: 

It's a great time to discuss how shadows work and wouldn't it be fun to go outside with some sidewalk chalk and work with a partner in tracing our shadows?  Just hand out sidewalk chalk to your students ( have them pair up ) 1 per group is fine.  Then have one stand still they can put one hand up and one down creating a clever look.  Their partner will trace their shadow on the blacktop or sidewalk.  The kids get a kick out of this and it's the perfect time to talk more about the sun and shadows.

Here are a couple freebies that look awesome that you can grab if you are prepping for this special day!

You can get the 120 Mystery Chart here:  Also how perfect is this since the 100th day just passed for many of you and the 120th is coming up.

and the freebie pack here: 

I have a fun Groundhog Day pack that includes a super cute craft you can grab here:

groundhog day craft

I hope this has given you a few ideas you can try or grab to make your Groundhog Day fun for your child or students.  Don't forget it's : Thursday, Feb. 2nd this year!

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