8 tips for better Instagram Engagement

Monday, January 9, 2017
I'm FAR from an Instagram guru that's for sure, but my teenagers are impressed with how many followers I have which I get a kick out of.  Compared to some of my close friends I don't have tons of followers but I have learned a few things over the years.

8 tips for better Instagram Engagement that you can use right away

# 1  The first one is EASY ~ BE YOU!  There's no other you in the whole world so just be you.  Be authentic to who you are...let your personality shine and don't be afraid to showcase all parts of you.

Your audience most likely is filled with teachers - either teacher bloggers like yourself or teachers that want ideas from you.  But you don't ONLY have to share teacher stuff.  That's the beauty of Instagram.  A picture of a #momfail or good hair day is FINE to show.  In fact it makes you more real and relatable to your readers.

#2 Ask questions to your readers.  You can use the app Word Swagg to either put a question in your photo.  OR you can just ask a question without a photo with Word Swagg.  There are tons of font and color choices to match your branding or your mood.  That way you will get feedback/answers and it's a great way for you to respond with your readers in the comments.  This definitely promotes engagement in your posts.

 #3 Include funny memes or comic type pictures if that's your personality.  I LOVE to put silly things on my Instagram.  Your audience will get a kick out of it and it doesn't have to be about teaching.  If you find something funny share it, if you think it's funny most likely your audience will too.  After a long work day your followers will probably want a good laugh.

#4 Use quotes - but they are BEST if they come from you.  It's okay to repost a quote but a.)  be sure to tag the person that posted it and b.) don't screenshot it and repost without their watermark.  That's a surefire way to lose friends and supporters in the world of social media.  If it's not yours don't pass it off as yours.  Some of my most popular posts have been quotes.

#5 Engage with others!  Take time to comment and respond to who you follow.  You taking the time to comment on their post if it was something you really liked shows that you care and want to collaborate or engage.  That way they are more likely to do the same with you.  PLUS others that comment might see your comment and take a peek at your page.  If they like what they see you just might gain an authentic follower.

#6 Don't compare yourself to others.  Having authentic followers is KEY!  There are accounts that spam you or try to get you to pay for followers.  That is a waste of time.  You want followers most likely that will stop by your blog, visit your store, etc.  Authentic followers that are within my 'tribe' so to speak are the ones I want.  For instance, most of my followers are in education like me.  But, I also am very athletic and enjoy swimming and running so I have some triathlete followers that interact with my workout posts.  They are still true followers to me even though they won't be shopping in my TPT store anytime soon.  
I have chosen not to have 2 accounts on Instagram which may or may not be the best idea.  But that's how I've rolled with it so I'm keeping it like that.  But you wouldn't want random followers that are into things that you have no interest in or even worse that you have strong feelings against - and go against your beliefs, etc.

#7 Use those hashtags!  Many people search hashtags of their interests and often that's another way to gain followers that might not otherwise find you.  

#8 Take the time to follow others and support them.  Nothing bugs me more than someone with 8,000 + followers and they follow like 200.  We are all in this journey together of branding ourselves, finding our 'tribe', etc.  Be supportive of other #girlbosses - the world is big enough for all of us!

** Don't forget to use bitly links in your profile.  If you refer to a product, fb post etc.  You'll want to use a bitly link in your bio so your followers can find what you are talking about in your post.

If you want to stop by and check out my Instagram I'd love to have you leave a comment so I can find you as well and support you.  

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Happy Instagramming!  ( is that a verb )