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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter break is over sooo....welcome back to 

Lots of rain or snow...what to do?  Indoor recess can quickly become a headache.  Re entering the room after I've been in the teacher's lounge for 40 minutes use to be a rough time.  The duty aides looked frazzled as they walked from room to room and I never knew what I would be walking into for the rest of my afternoon.  Well that has changed thank goodness and all it took was some very specific goals/rules and pin art.

Setting up very specific rules and expectation and some pin art
( and soft music ) playing on the smart board has transformed my rainy days.  When I come back from the teacher's lounge I no longer have that terrified look on my face LOL.  I come in with confidence and hear glowing reports from the noon duties that my kids were not running around like wild animals.  They were quietly working on their pin art.  Ahh, the difference it's made has been amazing!  I have 5 packs now - seasonal, 2 random images, alphabet and emojis.  I just heard the weather report for this upcoming week in So. Cal and there's rain in the forecast so - my emoji pin art is already to go.  

My newest pack and my most favorite is the emoji pack.  Here's a sneak peek:

We've been having a blast with them!

What are you waiting for ~ check them out and save your sanity!

Click the picture above, it will take you to my product lines and my pin art set is in this category.

What else do you do to save your sanity at recess comment below for a chance to win my newest Emoji set.

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