Presidents' Day Ideas for the Classroom

There's a lot going on this week:  Valentine's Day and President's Day and all the fun that comes with them.
I've already shared lots of ideas for Valentine's Day ~ if you missed it you can read about it { here }

If you want a closer look at my president's pack you can see it 

As you can see there a lot of things to cover!  It's a great time to incorporate informational text and talk to your younger students about the differences between fiction and non fiction.

I like to use this when I teach on that concept:  It includes a fun headbandz game on the text features that my kids LOVE!!

My team teacher and I made these cute Abe handprints a few years back, it's easy especially if you have parent helpers.

My president pack has lots of skills covered in it, from writing to math to art.  Here's a closer look:

I love these crafts because their hats have pages in them.  The George Washington's craft has writing under his chin and true/false pages in his hat.  While the Abe Lincoln craft has writing pages in his hat.

There are several math skill pages - skip counting, color by number, comparing numbers, etc.  
There are also sight words pages, sight word mini books, poetry and fact sorts.

Have your students do a coin rub of the presidents and learn about which coins/bills they are on:

Here are some great books to read this week as well:

It might also be fun to do a coin rub - hand out pennies and quarters and have them put them under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over them.  They will end with a neat coin rub for each president.

If you want to grab this coin rub as a freebie - get it here:

I hope I've given you some ideas for Presidents' Day and you enjoy your week with your students!

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