The benefits of Scoot or Task Cards

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scoot or task cards

I wanted to talk to you guys about the use of Scoot or task cards in the classroom.  I just incorporated them last year.  Why did I wait so long?!?!  If you are unsure of what Scoot is, like I was let me explain it to you.  Scoot is a whole- class educational game/activity.  A task card is placed on every desk in the classroom and the students move around the room with a clipboard and a recording sheet answering the questions.  Now there are a few different ways to play this game:

If you have a flexible seating classroom here is an option on how to play:

Using Scoot in the primary classroom

Scoot is wonderful for so many reasons:
It gets kids UP and MOVING!  This is so important and has become less of a priority unfortunately to many schools/districts.  Kids need more movement in their day!  This is a wonderful way to break up the monotony of the day and get them moving around. 
Scoot is the perfect way to review a concept that you've been working on.  I actually take the time to grade their recording sheets to be sure they are getting the concept.  In third grade I often have them grade it, trade with a neighbor.  I put the answer key under the doc cam revealing one answer at a time and we go over it.  It's the perfect way to see how they are doing and if re teaching is necessary! 
**If you have more desks than cards you can add BRAIN break cards.  Either just write brain break on a sticky note and write jump 15 times or do 15 jumping jacks, touch your toes 15 times, etc.  That way if you are playing the traditional way you have something for every desk. **

I have added several Scoot games to my store if you are interested and want to give it a try ~ I'll be adding more over the next several weeks.

Using Scoot in the primary classroom

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