Valentine's Day Ideas for home or school

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Valentine's Day is coming up ~ what do you have planned?

In this Wait for it Wednesday edition I wanted to share some fun ideas for Valentine's Day that you can use at home or school.

I love holidays and will find any excuse to turn a semi regular non traditional holiday into somewhat of a production if given the opportunity.  So as a mom I always found excuses to make things 'fun' and celebratory at home.  Not quite so much at school though...only because 25 loud spirited kids at a holiday party can be a little rough sometimes.  But I wanted to share some ideas to make your Valentine's Day the best yet this year:
I have always put hearts on my children's bedroom doors since they were little with compliments and sweet lovin'.  Someone had an idea to put one a day until the 14th I like that even better.  I would just sneak in while they were sleeping and put them up but the one  a day idea is SUPER CUTE too.  You can read all about it here: 

On Valentine's Day they go on a hunt for hearts in the living room.  When they find all their hearts they get a prize and we have heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!  It's always been a fun treat.

Valentine's Day ideas to use at home for kids

I also have made it a tradition to have a heart shaped pizza every year on Valentine's around to your local pizza restaurants you might find one that does them.  It makes for an easy dinner and the kids have always loved it.

Another special idea is something I did for my husband years ago but you could easily do this for Valentine's Day too.  List reasons you love your spouse - I did 16 for the years we had been married but you could do 14 - one each day until Valentine's Day.  You might do one for every year you've been together it's up to you.  It really meant a lot to him when I did it.  I just taped it to our door so he could see it when he woke up.

Special Anniversary poster idea for your spouse

Now for school - I have a couple of ideas for you:
If you teach little guys ( TK - 1st ) maybe think about NOT having the kids label their Valentine's cards.  First it will take FOREVER for them to write the names at home and secondly many of these littles aren't readers yet so it takes FOREVER to pass them out.  It will be more enjoyable for you and them if they pass out the cards without names.  Not everyone agrees with me I'm sure but it's something I have learned over the years.
This heart craftivity is super cute for the parents if you are interested in having a card made for your student's parents:

I run the 'key' on cute scrapbook paper ~ it's super cute.  My third graders even made them today:  They added heart emoji's and wrote sweet letters and poems to their loved ones.

I started thinking about how I've done the heart on the door tradition for my own children and thought why not do something special like this for my students so...a couple nights ago I took 28 hearts home and wrote a message to each child that was unique to them.  I will leave them on their desks Valentine's Day morning.  I can't wait to see their reaction!

Valentine idea for teachers to give to students

I'd love to hear what you do special for Valentine's Day!  Enjoy it xoxo

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