Interactive Task Cards for Scoot

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Make Scoot or Task Cards interactive for your students.

Lego pieces would also work to build shapes...

Have you ever tried to switch your Scoot game up?  I just started using Scoot this year and my students love it!  If you are still unfamiliar with the game Scoot you can read more about it ( here ) They are engaged, moving around and it's great for me to check for their understanding of a topic/skill we've been working on.  But, I tried something new this past week and it was AWESOME!

 My students loved this new version of scoot and I will for sure use it again.  Why not take away the 'pencil and paper' part of it and make it more interactive?  I created regular and irregular polygons with washi tape, pipe cleaner and unifex cubes that they had to find the perimeter or unknown x on.  It didn't take that much time to create before school and they really enjoyed it.  They had actual unifex cubes to look at and touch instead of just looking at a shape printed out on a card.  You can use this for so many topics.  Think about can use it for ELA too!
How about in first or kinder ( more as a center in K than scoot though ) with sight words.  When they are moving around to answer questions - why not have their tasks be more engaging instead of just looking at the cards.  For instance, what about putting a ball of play doh next to a card and have a sight word on a mat...they can re create the word by manipulating the play doh to spell the word.  If you still choose to use a recording sheet you can have them write the word on the sheet after creating it with play doh.  

You can have unifex cubes set up and they have to show a number sentence with different colored cubes.  So they would put 5 red and 6 blue to show 11.  The options are endless and there are so many choices~
My mind is always thinking of ways to cut down on worksheets and make things more hands on for my students.  This came to mind and my students really enjoyed it.  Think outside the box when it comes to some regular, mundane activities and see what you come up with.  Here is a sample of the first grade one I'm working on this weekend.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  Happy Teaching! xo,


Quotation Mark Help

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Spring Break is right around the corner my are almost there or maybe just came back in from break. I'm happy to share some ideas on teaching quotation marks for my newest edition of Wait for it Wednesday.

We have a lot going on right now...state testing is just around the corner so we are reviewing and finishing up covering anything we may have ahem skimmed over.  We have Spring Break in a few days and Open House almost right when we get back.  So I'm flying in over drive right now.  I've been really trying to think of fun, creative ways... WAYS to get things to stick in their brains lately to really have things stay with them.  So if you follow me on Instagram - you've seen my stories where I'm getting them outside, having them move around and create or manipulate things with partners.  Anything to help get things to stay.  HEY, I've even rapped a perimeter song and I DO NOT sing. LOL
So, with that being said, I knew I needed to get my students up and moving and thinking when it came to quotation marks.  Paper and pencil just doesn't cut it anymore!
I first created 3 sentences and made them into word puzzles.  So they were all scrambled when I presented them to the group I was working with the other day.  They had to first work together to unscramble the words and find what made sense.  

Here they are trying to figure out what order the words go in to make sentences and then decide who might say those sentences.  After that I handed out 2 quotation mark sticks and had kids stand up holding the words to form the sentence.  The quotation mark kids had to find their spot in the sentence.  It was very engaging and fun to watch the rest of the class when they noticed someone heading for the wrong spot.  They were quick to point out - oops, try again or don't go there.  They were like little teachers making me proud.
They kids with the word cards lined up in order at the front of the room and the kids with the quotation marks on a stick had to squeeze in where they thought they should go.

Give it a try, just write 3 sentences out with word cards let them unscramble which is fun PLUS it gives you some insight on their thinking.  If they are realizing someone is 'speaking'/dialogue is happening then you can see how they put the sentences together.  For instance, who is buying lunch would make the most sense if the teacher asked that question.  So they need to make an inference and put Mrs. Moore said with that sentence etc.
Let me know how it goes if you try it out.  I know my kids really enjoyed this activity and I know it 'stuck' with them because they did well on a follow up quiz. =)
Happy Teaching! xo,


SPRING time activities

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I LOVE Day Light Savings people - no so much the dark in the am but the longer daylight in the afternoon for sure...this sunshine out at 7 pm is bringing a big, HUGE smile across my face.  I love the outdoors and the longer days give me more time to do my trail runs and squeeze in a bunch of other activities I enjoy!  Along with Spring times comes Spring Fever which I did my best to tackle        ( here ) if you want to read more about that.  But I'm here today to share some fun art ideas and activities you can use in your classroom this time of year.

Welcome to my newest edition of ....

Learning about life on the farm is perfect this time of year.  I have a couple fun art projects in my farm unit that would be fun to display and have up while teaching your farm unit.

It's also a great time to teach about lifecycles ~

So sad I couldn't find my picture from several years back when we did this...but take your students outside as a reward if it's nice out.  Give them buckets of water and paintbrushes and let them paint the playground.  They love this...they can create images on the ground that will disappear quickly but they still enjoy it.

Sometimes all you need to do is give children some empty Easter eggs and play doh - it's amazing what can happen when their imagination goes wild.

Or have them do an activity where they can make some predictions with what might happen if you put a carnation or celery stick in water with dye in it...

There are so many fun activities that you can do with kids in the springtime of all ages.  If you are interested in any of the ideas and want more information on them you can find them by clicking the pictures below:

The most important thing you can do is get your kid or students outside, exploring their world.  They can lay down and look at clouds and record what shapes they look like, look for leaves and then do a leaf rubbing.  Have fun with your kids and let them be little.  Happy Teaching! xo,


Class Reward - Flashlight Friday

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Hello, hello, hello ~ welcome to another edition of...

Friends, I have to share how much fun we had last week when we earned our class reward!  Oh my gosh it was the best day ever!

I love thinking of new and creative way to have rewards in my classroom - if  you need some ideas visit my Facebook Live for behavior ideas for Spring Fever here.
 I do several class incentives each month for behavior and really try to switch things up which I talked about in my Facebook Live video.  I relate it to metabolism...and how sometimes we need to switch up our workouts to get better results and shock our system.  Well guess what!?!?  Our students need a bit of that too, it sounds funny but trust me it's so true.  Offering the same ol', same ol' incentives every day gets OLD really fast.  To keep your students on their toes and wanting to earn rewards you need to switch up what you are offering them if that makes sense.  
So, I try really hard to do just that.  In March I bring in what I like to call the Leprechaun on the Ledge....very similar to the Elf on the Shelf.  This Leprechaun is a plush one, I got mine about 8 years ago at a Hallmark store but you can also get one at
Here is one for under $12

He can leave notes to the students, get into trouble or be found doing silly things like switch up your schedule or drink a bowl of Lucky Charms, etc.  You decide what works for you and your students.  Even if you just want to use one of the notes I created in this pack and have him literally sitting on a ledge all through March you can do that...I tell my students he's watching and he's an extra set of eyes - especially if I have a sub.  You can grab my pack with lots of Leprechaun notes here

Another thing I love to do for behavior is a mystery word or sentence.  They earn letters until they spell it out, which is great - I love watching them 'guess' what something says.  This last week we earned a Flashlight Friday I called it.  It was ahh mazing!  We actually ended up doing it on a Thursday which happened to be Dr. Seuss Day and they had earned it on Wednesday so we just went for it.  In 23 years of teaching this was my FAVORITE class reward YET!  My students were beside themselves, engaged, reading and enjoying every minute.  I send a remind note to the parents through Remind which helped to have them bring in books, blankets and small flashlights.  They also had small flashlights and head lights at Walmart for only $1 so I bought some of those too.  
They had a blast and it was a favorite, we'll be sure to do it again before June.

I really try to stay away from 'food' related rewards so I spell out words like: 
Extra Recess
Mystery Reader
Stuffed Animal Day
What are some class rewards you like to do?  I'd love to hear about it.