Incorporating STEM

Monday, June 12, 2017

STEM ~ it can seem overwhelming if you are not familiar with it....what is it?  How can I use it in my classroom?  Where can I learn more?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  This blog post is all about using STEM in the elementary classroom.  STEM activities will get your students engaged and learning and they will be rigorous and challenging for them.

STEM is definitely part of the 21st Century learning movement that let's face it, is happening and needs to happen.
If you google STEM you can find all kinds of information all over the internet on it.  Another great resource for STEM is Brooke Brown from Teach Outside the Box.

My challenge to you is to not be afraid of STEM and find ways to incorporate it more in you classroom.  Almost anything can be used as a springboard for STEM.  You just have to be creative and think how it can be used/applied.

For instance, if you teach TK, or kindergarten and you are having a Bear week with a Teddy Bear Picnic to culminate your week.  You can include a STEM activity during that week that your little learners would LOVE!  I  just added a yummy gummy bear STEM project in my Teddy Bear Pack - which you can find here:

Almost any unit that you teach in social studies or science with some thought, collaboration and planning can be turned into a STEM activity.  You can take a unit on plants and create a greenhouse.... any habitat unit can easily be used with a STEM project.  Just remember that a STEM project is NOT a glorified science experiment.  If you are giving your students step by step instructions than it is not considered a STEM project.  A STEM project requires deep thinking, problem solving, collaboration and so much more.  A step by step science experiment is just that - an experiment.  Please don't confuse the two!
So as you venture into releasing more control and allowing your students to investigate, collaborate and be true thinkers...enjoy the moment.  Watch your students grow, and learn.  Watch them take on challenges and maybe even struggle a bit.  #thestrugglebusneverhurtanyone ~ ~ It's part of learning, growing and developing as a thinker. 
I even struggled when I recently did a STEM project at the Happy Go Teach conference last week...but look how happy I was when we overcame.

 It's exciting and I hope you give STEM a try as you are planning your new school year.  Let me know if you did try it here in the comments or you can visit my

Also be sure to visit my store:  One of my projects this summer is to add STEM projects to several of my products, I've already started and it's been fun.  If you have already purchased these be sure to re download them for the extra goodie.  When you visit my store any products that I've added STEM to will look like this:

Happy 'STEMMING' my friends! 

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