Halloween treats for kids

Sunday, October 29, 2017
I don't know about you but our district allows us 3 'parties' a year.  They mean organized parties that revolve around holidays etc.  So, that's Christmas, Valentine's Day and the end of the year.  We can have class reward parties but these parties are the kind that parents come in and there's usually food, etc.  So with that being said we don't have a Halloween party per say but...you have to do something I mean otherwise it's like a big elephant in the room right?!?  Let's be honest, full moons and Halloween are our least favorite days of the year.  So, how to handle it....well hopefully I have some ideas that you can use to help you through the day.

Welcome to my Halloween edition of...

( on SUNDAY this week )

Halloween is a like a 4 letter word for teachers...ugh!  I would honestly rather have the district take a day from my Christmas break and let me have the day of or the day after Halloween off.  Can I hear an amen!?!

So what to do?!?!

Well I always want to be sure my students have something to take home from me and we can't have candy in the classroom so, I thought I could make mini pinatas for them.  I let them decorate a tube with paper and other craft items and then I turned it into a pinata by adding candy ( the horror ) and other fun non editable treats.  That way they can feel like they had something special at school.  ( they are doing a craft ) and then they take something from me home so I see it as a win win.

Easy Halloween treats for kids

The mini pinatas were so easy to make...here's your how to:

Halloween party treats for kids

In my district we have a healthy policy so no cupcakes and treats like that...however we can send those types of things home, so this would be given to the kids on the way out the door.  
The other ideas are a healthy alternative:
Here are some fun healthy treats you can use in your classroom:

easy, healthy Halloween treats for kids

The banana is wrapped in gauze from the first aid aisle, I did pull it apart so it looked tattered and holey too.  The others I just drew faces on...easy peasy!  I hope you can use some of these ideas now or pin them for next year, have a glass of wine for me after school on Halloween or the day after...not sure which is worse. LOL
As always happy teaching!

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