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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's another edition of...

all about technology - ok not really technology but remembering passwords and stuff you know, that isn't easy for some of us. #pointingatmyself 
I wanted to title this:  Passwords and usernames and Chrome Books oh my!  But I didn't think that would get much reach on SEO! LOL

Oh my goodness y'all, I'm a tech immigrant definitely not a tech native.  When I was little we stayed outside until the streetlights came on and we had a phone that was CONNECTED to a wall AND it even had a rotary dial.  Yes, I'm aging myself but that's okay.  So with all that being said, I never had to remember much as a kid.  Maybe just my locker combination...

blog post on keeping passwords and usernames organized and safe
So all this business of remembering how to sign into a chrome book, what passwords for like 10 different websites - oh, and don't forget usernames....o m geeee how is an old lady aging princess like me suppose to help my students remember all of this and remember it all myself?!?!

Well that's when you realize you need help, you own it and you take care of business.  My memory is definitely not my strong suit...never has been.  So, in order for me to remember all of the things I needed some scaffolding to help a sista out.  This included a notebook for my own usernames and passwords as well as some support for my students.  This is what I came up with and it works for me/us in my classroom.

Keep your students passwords organized with this freebie

My students have a couple of rings they can use that I put on a hook in our class that has the info they need as well as this notebook.  So if they forget their username they can grab the 'ring' or the notebook and easily find what they need.  I have one for myself that I use as well for the reason in the first paragraph. #imold
I hope you find this useful, I've included this as a freebie for you - here's a link to the google doc if you want to grab it.  Enjoy my friends and happy hump day!

Grab it { here }
As always ~ Happy Teaching!

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