Red Ribbon Week Ideas

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Red Ribbon Week Ideas blog post with lots of pictures and a fun craft

Welcome to my RED RIBBON EDITION of :

This week I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk to you about Red Ribbon Week since it's right around the corner.  Our PTA usually plans our dress up days that week and of course if you know me, I love to dress up!  One thing I wanted to share with you are door ideas that I've compiled.  Most of the teachers I know either have to decorate a door, or their room mom does but here are some real cute ones:

Red Ribbon Week door idea

Red Ribbon Week door decorating idea

This fun key activity would be adorable to do with your students. Kids love to take things home to their parents...even my 3rd graders do.  When we make a craft of some kind the first they ask is, " Can we take this home today?"  If I say yes they cheer.  This would be so fun for them to take home and share with their parents as well as a great way to get kids thinking and talking about making healthy and wise choices.
Red Ribbon Week be drug free craft
If you think this is something your students would love you can grab it by clicking on the picture below:

Red Ribbon Week craft

At my school we use our school colors to build a chain that goes around our front office, hallways and MPR that we write kind messages on.  It's been a great tradition!  I love this idea which is similar but they write why they will be drug free and future goals they have on red paper to create a drug free chain.

Another school released red balloons into the air at the same time, I'm sure that left quite an impression on young minds.

Red Ribbon Week school wide idea

We will dress up everyday, make a hand print pledge and do my key craft.  What are some things you do for Red Ribbon Week at your school?
Share some of your ideas with our  community always
Happy Teaching! 

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