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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Little memories and traditions for your kids can make a big imprint on their hearts.

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During the holidays as I was growing up we did several things that stuck out in my mind as a kid and most of them I've carried on as traditions with my own kids. 

We took turns putting the angel on top of the tree.  I have 3 big brothers and we had an ancient, falling apart, sweet angel that topped it.  I loved getting on my big brothers or dad's shoulders to put it up.  My mom would write the year and the name on the outside of the box so when we took the decorations out we knew whose turn it was to put the angel up.  I wanted it to be my turn every year as you can imagine.   She did the same with the nativity or creche set.  We always knew whose turn it was for that as well and when it was my turn I very carefully placed the animals, wise men, baby Jesus etc. just how I imagined it looked thousands of years ago.

One tradition that my mom brought into my family as a young mother of 2 myself was the Santa Key.  We have always lived in a house since having kids and they had chimneys - but my mom saw the key and thought it would be so cute to give to my kids.  She told them that if the toy bag was too big Santa could just use the key and go in our front door.  My kids enjoyed finding a place to hang the key that Santa could easily find.  

Traditions are special memories that can be recreated from families passing them down to generations.  Looking at Christmas lights of course and singing Christmas carols have been favorites too.

As a teacher I thought how special it would be to have my students make a Santa key that they could use every year and always remember when they made it.  So, this idea came to mind and I knew it needed a special poem to go with it which I wrote myself.  Even if your student lives in a house and Santa can slide down the chimney it can still come in handy.  If their family uses the fireplace or as mentioned previously if Santa's toy sack is too big...well the Santa key will come to the rescue.  If you want to make your very own Santa key with your child or your students - you can grab it here and watch the magic as they smile proudly at their finished creation and hang it ever so carefully in the perfect spot.  Grab it here!

Make a Santa Key with your child or students and help to create a fun tradition in their home.

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