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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hello, hello, hello welcome to another edition of ...

I'm here to talk to you about December and things that go along with it.  If you go to my search bar ( to the right ) and type elf on the shelf I think I have at least 6 posts on that to give you ideas.  What is going down in my room this year however is saving my sanity!!

This year our elf - Snowflake - who I may or may not have a love/hate relationship with...well we have shall you say come to an agreement....
She arrived in my classroom on Dec. 1st this year.  By Monday the 4th she had a very large note for us to read that stated this:

elf on the shelf ideas

So, my students learned quickly that Snowflake's magic 'kicks' in only on Wednesdays.  It's kinda like a caffeine high. LOL  They fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They didn't even question it.  Seriously!?!? #teacherwin 
So, she used her magic and moved Tuesday night ( tonight ) so Wednesday she will be in her new spot.  I can't wait to see what they think and am so thankful she doesn't have to 'use' her magic until next Wednesday.  I can now go about my business ~ like get them ready for the district writing assessment, talk to my friends in the morning without panicking about her moving, get to am duty without stressing, etc.
Ahh, the elf on the shelf isn't so bad guys really.  You need to give it a try. LOL

OR use this excuse...

Happy December sweet teacher friends!!

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