Parent Gift bags made easy

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Happy Wednesday this ( short ) edition of 

I wanted to talk to you about parents gifts and the presentation 
( i.e. gift bag/ wrapping etc. )
So, years ago I would have the kids sponge paint the lunch bags with cute holiday themed stamps that I had....

homemade christmas gift bag
Now let's just take a minute and be honest....I've taught first grade for 14 years and 2nd for 5 and now I'm in 3rd again after teaching it 10 years ago for a couple years.  The first graders would, God bless them, somehow make the angels or stars look like I right?!?!  I know... I have kids - I get's cute and adorable and everyone can get a nice laugh out of it but I still think the 2nd picture is cute too.  So, take your pic or switch it off each year but the way to create the bag with the hole punches and the fabric bow always stays the same.  I've been making these bags like this for 20 years now.

Now, I know some of you are all about 'team let the kids' do it...that's fine.  I'm just saying I like the 2nd way better.  I've done my fair share of the messy kid done bags and now I have the kids make them this way.  They still have the homemade gift inside it so I don't feel bad about it.  
Also just fold the bag over and hole punch, then add the bow.  I use fabric and just rip it against the grain to make these thinner strips.  Then I weave them through the hole punches and create the's super easy and always looks nice.  You can use any fabric you have on hand or purchase a holiday themed fabric too.
It's also cute to use the sponges on brown packing paper and then you can help the kids wrap the gift but honestly I've never done it that way.  I've had other teacher friends do it, it just to me would take to long.  The drop and go gift bag is just so easy!  #aintnobodygottimeforhardstuffindecember

Anywho... if you've never made the parent gift bags like this before you need to give it a try!
See you next week!

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