Winter Ideas and freebies

Friday, January 5, 2018
Have you gone back to school or are you headed back Monday?  Well I have a couple ideas I want to share with you that might make your first week back more bearable.
One is something to help you reconnect with your students and make them feel special and it's easy - who doesn't love easy?
Print out snowflake clipart and either hand write or type a special message to each child.  Set it on their desk first thing in the morning and you are all set.  Some kids have a little anxiety when it's time to come back to school so this should ease that and make them feel right at home again.  If you are interested in having your own editable page so all you have to do it print and write or print and type you can click ( here ) for your own copy to make your life easier...OR you can just use your ellison machine and punch out the snowflakes with construction paper.

snowflake note to students

Another fun art project you can do with your students the first week back or anytime in January is this adorable snowman art.  It is so easy it can even be done during a reading group rotation.  You can grab this cute freebie ( here )

Snowman freebie craft

Lastly, another idea if you are in need of writing thank you notes for all your wonderful Christmas gifts from your students is this cute backdrop....

Holiday backdrop idea for photos

Set this up in your classroom and have each child stand against it.  They can just stand and smile or hold up a banner that says thank you.  You can make one, you can pick up a chalkboard heart garland from Target and write thank you on that...lots of ideas.  Then glue to a blank card or even index card if you are desperate and you're all set.  The parents will appreciate that you took the time to say thank you but they will LOVE the card you gave them also.  It's a #winwin!
I hope these ideas will help you ease back into the school year my friends.  Happy teaching! 

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