5 valentine ideas to try in your classroom today

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day and Wait for it Wednesday friends...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and there are so many fun ways to celebrate at home or school!  I wanted to share a few that have worked well and been meaningful in the last few years:

Often times around this time of year some of our students behaviors aren't on point shall we say.  So, this is the perfect time to get it back in check with a fun freebie.  This freebie will be a treat for your students.  They will be thrilled to 'earn' the heart of the day at the end of class.  I tell my students that each day in February ( I had to start the end of January actually to get them all in ) they have the opportunity to receive a special 'love' note from their teacher delivered in a fun heart envelope.  I love seeing their faces when I drop off the heart envelope at the end of the day.  It has now become a time when the other students are congratulating them and clapping for the one that receives it.  This is how it looks:

Valentine's Day freebie
You can grab the freebie ( here ) just in time for Valentine's Day.  So I put the card in the felt heart envelope that I picked up from the Target Dollar Spot.  It's kinda like the rose given out on a group date if you watch the Bachelor...hahaha.  The kids see my walking with it and they are all looking and hoping. 

I did this last year for my students...It's a similar idea to the first one but everyone had one placed on their desks the morning of Valentine's Day...they also received a Valentine from me too of course.  But I tried to write something specific about their personality on these to make them feel extra special.  If you have a die cut machine at school these are basically free to make and a real crowd pleaser!

classroom valentine ideas

I've done this for my kids since Mandy was a toddler but you could easily do it for your student too.  If I ever order a pizza for a party or something I ask a mom helper to pick it up for me and give her the money.  So, research pizza restaurants in your area and see if they offer a heart shaped pizza.  My own children love this tradition and they are now 18 and almost 16.  But how fun would it be for your students if you had a couple heart shaped pizzas for lunch or during your Valentine's Day party with them?!?

classroom valentine party ideas

I happened to find this darling idea on tpt ~ how fun would it be to put these on your student's desks and have their friends write compliments to them!?!?!  You can get this freebie ( here )

Instead of having parents bring in super sugary sweets why not have a fun, easy snack available for your students?!  This snack is super easy and can be sorta, kinda healthy depending on what you put in it...

Valentine's Day snack

You can have pretzels, Valentine colored m & m's, quaker heart shaped cereal, strawberry mini wheats, strawberry wafers, strawberry yogurt raisins, popcorn, etc.  This snack is easy to thrown into a bowl and your students can scoop some up with a plastic cup.  It's easy to eat while waiting for their turn to pass out Valentine's.  
How are you celebrating in your classroom?

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