Fractions on a number line

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Teaching { equivalent } fractions on a number line can be fun for your students...I promise!  Today we had a blast and turned it into an interactive activity.  Happy hump day and of course that means it's....

First make a large number line with butcher paper:

fractions on a number line lesson

Then I had pre cut fraction cards ( that I got off of ) and purposely made my number line look like it does above.  I only had lines for the eights and I added 
1 1/8 at the end instead of just 8/8.  I want my students to understand that number lines don't always end right at 1.  We've introduced mixed fractions so I thought it was appropriate.  Then we spun the random number generator and my students came up and picked a card with their eyes closed to glue to our number line. They read the number to the class ( they also had number lines to do it along with them on their white boards ), then they had to look at our large number line and figure out where to glue it. 

fractions on a number line lesson
Drawing cards is fun!

After we completed the number line - we finished off our fun math block with math rotations.  We had:
dice roll fractions with our white boards - roll dice, the smaller number is the numerator and larger is the denominator.  Draw the fraction to represent it and write it out.
Scoot - fraction scoot - if you are in need of scoot activities , I have some you can get ( here ).
Multiplication round up - I have a bucket of engaging multiplication activities that they really enjoy!  Some are old school, some are new from Donor's Choose.  They like them all.

We had a ball today ~ the interactive number line activity was a huge hit.  Just be sure when you prep it that you put lines for one set of fractions and then include equivalent fractions in your cards that don't have lines on it.  They will have to use their strategies to figure out where they go.  It was engaging and rigorous for my third graders!
I hope I gave you a fun twist on how to reinforce or review equivalent fractions....
happy teaching!

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