Robot Regrouping

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Regrouping can be tough, I get it.  I taught second for 4 years and that was one of the harder concepts to teach.  I'm currently in third and have to reteach regrouping constantly!  I know when I have to teach #hardthings I usually think of a great hook, song, video, skit or something to really get them engaged and interested in it.  
I know regrouping is a difficult concept that requires lots of reteaching, visuals and hands on activities to help make it more concrete for your young learners.  Whether you are working on borrowing or carrying these robots will be fun to work on and display in your classroom.  They make great visual reminders if they are hanging up and can be used to help your students remember how to regroup.  What are some fun ways you teach regrouping?

regrouping craft

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