Bitmoji sticker tutorial

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Kids and adults alike seem to love bitmojis.  Your students will love seeing your bitmoji on their  Friday spelling test or their writing assignment.  

bitmoji sticker tutorial

bitmoji sticker tutorial

bitmoji sticker tutorial

bitmoji sticker tutorial

Remember these?!?!  Or am I aging myself...

bitmoji sticker tutorial

My mom was a teacher and I loved going through her sticker box and smelling her stacks of stickers.  Well, think of this bitmoji sticker like that. The excitement I had as a kid towards these  stickers is kinda like the excitement your students will have seeing you ( well the perfect bitmoji version of you ) on their papers. 

So, let's get started - these are so easy to create!

First you need to either have the Snapchat app or the Bitmoji app.  Once you have that - it's pretty easy to create your just follow the prompts and create it just how you want.

Once you are happy with your bitmoji you should have the options  of different bitmoji situations - ** Heads up/Disclaimer **  Some are definitely not kid friendly or appropriate for the classroom. LOL  So pick out the encouraging sayings that you find while perusing your bitmojis and either screen shot them or send them to your email.   I screen shot them and emailed them to myself.  Then took the extra step to edit them and saved them to my computer.

Now you need to decide which Avery sticker templates you will use ( I would've preferred circle stickers ) but used what I found at home for the moment.  Then follow the prompts on this link to create your stickers:  

Your stickers will be adorable and it's a fun, unique way to connect to your students...and if you're old like me you will seem somehow a little 'cooler' to them at least for the moment. LOL

As always...
happy teaching xoxo, 

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