6 easy ways to teach comparing numbers

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Tips on teaching comparing numbers

This week we will be talking about comparing numbers.

Comparing numbers is such a fun concept to teach!  I love how hands on it can be!  I've compiled 6 fun and engaging ways to teach this...

Pick up this ADORABLE alligator ( bag ) clip from either Tuesday Morning or Amazon...  you can find it here: 

crocodile clip for teaching on comparing numbers greater than less than

Isn't this the greatest thing ever?!?!  I saw this last year and freaked out over it...I've been using it ever since.  It's such a great visual for the kids!  

It's perfect to use as a manipulative, the kids love coming up and using it the correct way.

Create a fun math center that is super engaging and your students will LOVE it.  All you need are pool noodles and a crate and you are all set.  It can easily be differentiated to meet your students needs.

comparing numbers pool noodle center

They can build number sentences like this all along the edges of a laundry basket or crate.  The possibilities are endless:  Instead of numbers like this you can have addition or multiplication sentences that they have to compare or even numbers as high as the thousands place...be creative!

Have them practice this skill with a fun dice game....after teaching a lesson on it...have them follow up with a dice game that they can do alone or with a partner.  You can find that by clicking the picture below:

math dice games

easy manipulative to make for comparing numbers

I like to have my students write numbers on their white boards and use this as manipulative to compare numbers.

This is so fun if you are teaching this concept in the Fall...your students will go crazy over this idea and it will make your math time super engaging and...well yummy!

using candy corn to compare numbers

This is so easy and cheap and you can easily make a class set in no time at all or leave for a parent helper.

comparing numbers craft

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Have a great week and as always...
happy teaching!