Always take the HIGH ROAD

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Teacher life isn't fact it's far from it.  We see #allthefeels on instagram and it looks almost perfect.  We have deadlines, parent emails, computer glitches, teammates ( which can be a blessing or a curse ), admin, IEP's, SST's, 504's....I could go on and on and on.

take the high road

But the bottom line - we have to make the best of it.  I can tell you right now, things will NOT always go your WAY.  They just won' will have misunderstandings and frustrations along the way.  The worst part is when your heart really is in the right place and people misunderstand you...<3

All I can say is :  Take the HIGH will never regret it.
The high road = Where we treat people better than they treat us.  They don't deserve it but we offer it because we have integrity and want to do the right thing.  It's similar to the mercy and grace that God bestows upon me every. single. day.  
Let's take a look at our options...we can take the 
LOW ROAD which = treating people WORSE than how they treat no sounds awful, I'm not that kind of person.
MIDDLE ROAD = treating people equal to or the same way they treat us...that's your average situation but not always warranted because you may come across a grump that treats you doesn't mean you can turn around and treat them terribly as well.

My mom always took the high road and I always feel like a million bucks when someone says I remind them of her.  She passed away to cancer in 2007 and I always think about her and wish my children had more days with her. 
Her legacy will be : THE HIGH ROAD...always!  In fact people will say she did MORE than take the HIGH road.  She reached out to the sick and lonely, she gave favor when it wasn't deserved, I could go on and on.  
I guess I just want to remind you that life is fleeting...we are here for such a short time.  We want our legacy to be one of honor and integrity not of anger and impatience.  
The true test of character and maturity is to always treat others better than they treat you.  This may seem like a strange way of thinking...but you will be amazed by the positive impact this has.  When you offer LOVE to someone that is angry and short with you that is expecting the same from you they are taken a back and don't know what to do with you...they are usually softened and don't respond in anger.  It's a beautiful thing to see...when you offer grace to someone that doesn't deserve it.  I challenge you - this week:  OFFER GRACE to someone that truly doesn't deserve it and watch what really is a beautiful thing to witness.  Even if it isn't you still did the right thing and that's all that matters.  They will remember you for it - I promise!  
Instead of anticipating negative reactions from others, you will begin to assume positive interactions and your expectations will be matched.  
Don't focus on the flaws of others and try hiding your own! Start to  look for ways to forgive them and find that others are returning the favor in a way you never expected!  
Go out and do your thing...but remember you would want grace extended to extend it to others often.  That's all for today...
as always ~ happy teaching my sweet friends!

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