Pumpkin Ideas in the Primary Classroom

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

adjective pumpkin lesson

Fall is my favorite season....definitely NOT for the Pumpkin Spice....not a fan of pumpkin!!

pumpkins in primary

But I love bringing out the sweaters and boots and scarves...it's all about the fashion for me. 

But seriously I wanted to share some fun pumpkin/fall ideas you can use in your classroom that have worked in mine for years.

First of all, pumpkins and adjectives naturally just go together right?!?!  I always introduce adjectives with a pumpkin and it lends itself to candy corn too which I'll share in a sec.

So, how do I incorporate pumpkins with adjectives you ask??!?!  I always buy a pumpkin and we brainstorm adjectives and I write them on the pumpkin with a sharpie...I usually include inside adjective traits and outside ones... as you'll see below:

adjectives lesson with pumpkins

So as you can see first I divide the pumpkin in 1/2 like the picture shows and then I write inside on one side and outside on the other side.  If you are also teaching character traits you could write internal and external on it as well.

adjective lesson and pumpkins

adjective lesson and pumpkins

I created this pumpkin printable to go along with my pumpkin and my students wrote right along with me.  If you are interested in the pumpkin adjective freebie paper like above you can find it here.

adjective pumpkin lesson

adjective pumpkin lesson

My students have a much better understanding of adjectives after this and it's a fun display to keep up all month as well.

adjective pumpkin lesson

Now onto candy corn...
candy corn adjective lesson
Now I always do this lesson in October as well...this is an oldie but a goodie.  I create an oversized candy corn...YES I know my colors are out of order but I didn't want to redo it..haha 
We fill in the middle with adjectives to describe Halloween and then hang it up for the month as a display.

candy corn adjective lesson

Here's one from several years ago.  ( Done correctly with the colors might I add )

candy corn adjective freebie

If you want to recreate this for your own classroom I have this freebie you can grab it :  here 

I hope you love these Fall adjective ideas and with the freebies included you can try them out right away in your own classroom.  Thanks for joining me here every week for my series:  

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Happy teaching my friends,

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