Bowling Ball Snowman Game and Tutorial

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Are you looking for more holiday ideas, Christmas games for parties or even cute decor?
This idea will be perfect to use in your classroom before you go off for break.  I bought these plastic bowling pins and balls at Target one summer...keep your eyes out next spring/summer.
Honestly, I've had them in my garage for probably a couple of years.  I have finally decided what to do with them... they started out like this:
Christmas party game idea
I had a vision of turning all of these into snowmen, I knew I would need the following to make it work:
* hot glue gun/ glue sticks
* scissors
* pipe cleaner
* twine
* pom poms
* material
* sharpie

So I got right to work, first I worked on the cute earmuffs.  I just pre cut twine to use as the connecting part and glued the pom poms on either side of the top of each pin.  

snowmen bowling pins
Next, I added the scarf, on some of them I used thick, bushy pipe cleaner and on some I used fabric and cut the ends like you see below to add detail.

Christmas games

Christmas party game ideas

Christmas party games
Is this the cutest!!?!?!  
Set it up and you're all set...have fun!!

snowman bowling set for parties

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