Love notes to your students

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Hi teacher friends!!!  Happy Wait for it Wednesday, I'm so excited to share with you one way that I love on my students in a BIG way!
It's cheap/free, easy and meaningful... what more can you ask for anyway right?!?!  

I think it is so important to continue to build on the relationships you have in your classroom all year long.  They long for that with you as well.  
I leave little notes on their desks periodically to show them how much I care and I wish I could post a video of their responses.  It's like Christmas morning guys and I'm not even kidding.  They LOVE these notes.  I try to do them seasonally but one of the most important things is these notes are personalized just to suit them and why I appreciate them.  
Here are some examples of notes I've done:

building classroom community

building classroom community

I always write my students a note on the first day of school AND the first Friday of that week as well.  It starts the year off on the right foot and lets them know how much you care. 

love notes to your students

building classroom community

These are my most recent ones that I did this week - if you are interested in doing this as well you can get these here

building classroom community

I hope you can use these to build classroom community and show your students how much you care.  I always say:  They will always remember how you made them feel. 
Anywho, go out there and love on your students!  Happy { almost Christmas break} my teacher friends.

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  1. I love to write little notes, too! I hang them in their lockers so it is the first thing they see when they get to school.

  2. Last year I worked in a 5th grade classroom. I would randomly leave notes on desks (sometimes with treats) hey kids loved it!