Type B teacher problems

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hi, my name is Vicky and I'm a Type B teacher.  I feel like I'm at an AA meeting.  Social media can mess with you and being surrounded by #allthetalent can make you feel a little 'less than'.  Thank goodness I find my confidence in the Lord or else I can see how comparing could really cause problems.  Comparison truly is the thief of joy.
I wanted to share some common misconceptions about Type B teachers or share some things to help you understand me better.

Type B teachers aren't always messy.  Just because I'm Type B doesn't mean my classroom is a mess.  It is quite organized and labeled and I can find what I'm looking for easily.  I wouldn't be embarrassed if a co worker had to go into my cabinets.  In fact, I've been complimented on how organized my cabinets are by many Type A teachers.  Now...my house.. my hubby would say that is another story.  He's cleaner than me so there's that. 

Type B teachers plan ahead.  Just because we are type B doesn't mean we don't plan ahead and like planners, etc.  I have all my standards in a binder, with labeled sections.  I refer to my scope and sequence often and I'm very conscientious of my schedule.   Now, if I forget to print out my lesson plans for the week or don't have every detail typed out, I'm FINE. With that being said... I'm also not the one on my team that can tell you what day of the week April 3rd is when it's December 22nd. But...  
I legit don't lose sleep over the #littlethings.

Type B teachers can be competitive and ambitious just like Type A teachers.  I'm extremely competitive and definitely a go getter...not lazy in any sense of the word.  One of the big differences I think is that often Type B teachers can let things go.  For instance, I've worked with several Type A friends and many of them stew on things until they get it 'right' in their eyes.  Even if it takes days to get it right.  I definitely need my items to line up/match however I won't lose sleep if I have one un matching bin in my library.  Also if a bulletin board border isn't straight or a staple has come out...it may stay that way for a month. #justsaying

People naturally tend to come to you for an easygoing conversation.  Your principal may not put you in for the lead position on the disaster prep team or the one that speaks to the press in that situation but...most of the staff likes your laid back style and appreciates easy conversations with you.

Procrastination may or may not be a problem for us.  For me personally I'm not your girl if you are looking to have 2 email series prepped, 5 podcasts lined up and 3 blog posts scheduled.  Yeah, that's not me at all.  I have ideas, I write them down...I fit them in when it seems right.  I follow a schedule - days to pin, days to create, days to post things.  But I'm not the one that has things planned out months in advance unless it's a big fun trip or something! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my list of type b problems ( or traits ), this clearly doesn't fit every personality but I had fun with it.  I'm thankful for the Type A teachers on my team though that keep me up with #allthethings.  Don't you love how God made us all different and gave us different talents to balance us all?  Have a blessed week my friends!  Happy teaching!

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