Back to School Teacher Gift

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Back to School, it brings excitement, dread, anxiousness and so much more to people.  I personally love Back to School time, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE my summers fo' sure!  But, I love me some back to school supplies, bulletin boards, new students, fresh start as well.
This year I changed schools...some of you think, no big deal.  BUT, I have been at my previous school for almost 19 years people!!!!  19 years!!!  They are my second family that I adore and they have my back and LOVE me.  I'm definitely one that is up for a change...I change grade levels more than most - I get bored.  So that part isn't surprising but to uproot myself  completely for not only a new school but an entire new job title and an did I mention the school is more than double in size.  There are approximately 1,035 students!!!!  My teeny tiny little school has about 455.  WOW!

Anywho, I wanted to share something with you that I created for my new staff.  Being realistic I know that I can't possibly meet all the peeps this week so I thought I could at least leave them with a little something so they felt like they knew me and hopefully  blessed them a bit in the process.

I mean all teachers can use extra school supplies right?!?!  So I have created tags to go with several supplies and the cute staff note as well.   If you are in  need of something for your child's teacher, school staff or teacher besties you can  grab it here FREE!!!  
Happy first week back friends!